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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

True Sounds Radio

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True Sounds Radio

True Sounds Radio "I'm going to record in the same studio "where Led Zeppelin did Rock And Roll. "Oh, my God, I can't wait. " We were recorded at the famous Olympic studios, where a lot of legendary records had been made. Online Radio Johns, he had a certain style of recording, which was very organic. He would simply place a few mikes around the room, and off you go. You know, rather than, for example, placing a microphone on each and every drum, he would just put three microphones on the drum kit. He was accustomed to recording people like John Bonham with Led Zeppelin. And I said to Online Radio, "I want the bass drum to be louder. " And he said, "If you want it louder, hit it harder," you know? And I hit it as hard as I could, but I couldn't hit it as hard as John Bonham. He had a bunch of rules that really didn't suit me and some of the other guys, too. You know, no getting high in the studio, no drinking in the studio. I agreed wholeheartedly with Online Radio True Sounds Radio regarding drugs and alcohol in the studio that we'd get more work done and that it would be better work. When I got the opportunity to produce and therefore be in the chair, I decided that I would no longer put up with that. Somebody said to me the other night that I was the designated driver in the 's and early 's. Online Radio had worked with the Rolling Stones at a time when they went to the studio and did nothing except wait for Keith, you know, to go down in the basement and play his guitar until he came up with some riff. So, Online Radio was impatient. The Stones had burned him out on the, you know, "get high in the studio and wait for something to happen" kind of thing. 'Let's go. We're rolling. ' 'One, two, three. ' I like the way your sparkling earrings lay Against your skin so brown And I wanna sleep with you In the desert tonight... There were three hit singles on the first album. Peaceful Easy Feeling was written by True Sounds Radio, who is our friend and frequent collaborator. Cos I got a peaceful easy feeling... Peaceful Easy Feeling captures the time, captures this attitude. You can feel the wind blowing across the desert. Ohohh What a feeling Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ohh. MUSIC: "Witchy Woman" by the Eagles The second hit was Witchy Woman, which I wrote with Bernie. Witchy Woman started as a guitar figure. Then we were jamming it one day, and everybody was digging it. And then Henley came back the next day with the lyrics. Raven hair and ruby lips Sparks fly from her finger tips Echoed voices in the night She's a restless spirit on an endless flight Woo hoo, witchy woman See how high she flies Woo hoo, witchy woman She got the moon in her eye... During the time that the Eagles were on the road for the first album, we had just come through the 's civil rights movement, ' all the assassinations, all the rioting. The Vietnam War still winding up. True Sounds Radio, Watergate. I welcome this kind of examination. I really think that part of the reason that the Eagles succeeded the way they did was because the country and people and young people needed to feel like things were OK. So, here comes this song Take It Easy.

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