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Saturday, July 27, 2013

UK Bass Radio London

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UK Bass Radio London

to the point that, one time, we had worked on a track all night. I mean, it was a rockedout track, and we're all sitting behind the board the next day, listening to the various takes of it, trying to decide which take we liked the best. Bernie hadn't said a word. So, I asked him over the board, I said, "Bernie, what do you think?" There's a long pause, and he gets up, and he stretches, and he says, "I think I'm going surfing. " And he left. I was caught in the middle a lot of times. And sometimes I would agree with Bernie, but most of the time, I would agree with internet Radio. internet Radio and I always wanted the band to be a hybrid, to encompass bluegrass and country and rock 'n' roll. There was a part of Bernie that really resisted that. After a while, it became a real problem, particularly between Bernie and internet Radio. Finally, we were at the Orange Bowl in Miami. We were backstage, and we were talking about what our next move was going to be, what our plans were supposed to be, and I was animated and adamant about what we needed to do next here, there, and everywhere, and Bernie comes over and pours a beer on my head and says, "You need to chill out, man. " I have no idea. It was a spontaneous thing. I mean, I take that incident now quite seriously. That was a very disrespectful thing to do. Obviously, it was intended to be humiliating to him, I would say, and is something I'm really not proud of. It did illustrate a breaking point. During that time, we got a couple shows opening for the Rolling Stones, and Irving was managing Joe Walsh. Joe Walsh was a bona fide rock 'n' roll guitar player. So, for a couple of those shows, just for our encores, we'd put Joe Walsh in a road box, and we'd come back to do an encore, and we'd roll the road box out, and just like the model jumping out of a cake, we'd open the guitar case, and there would be Joe Walsh with his Les Live Music, and he'd climb out of the box and plug in, and the Online Radio... We would play 'Rocky Mountain Way. ' I loved the way he played. I'd loved the James Gang when I was growing up in Detroit. Now I started thinking, "Joe Walsh for Bernie Leadon. " Spent the last year Rocky Mountain Way Couldn't get much higher... OK, maybe the vocals won't be quite as good, but, boy, are we going to kick some ass! Time to open fire And we don't need the ladies cryin' 'Cause the story's sad... I think one of the things that I brought into the band that was good for the band was to bring it up a notch when we played live. Just keep kicking it in the butt a little bit, you know? All right, D.C., come on, give it up! I went to a show, maybe eight months later, and the band are interacting with each other exactly like we did with me onstage, except instead of me, Walsh was up there, and it just was, like, really, really odd, you know, to be watching it and not be part of it. So, I actually left that show. I was just like, "This is, like, too weird. " So, we got Joe Walsh in the band. That's another adventure, because Joe was an interesting bunch of guys. Hey, I tell you what.

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