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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vibes FM

Vibes FM , Vibes FM Live,ibes FM Radio, UK

Vibe FM - South Devon College

Vibe FM - South Devon College I went just as a singer with Toto, I played bass for Jimmy Buffett, I went out with Warren Zevon and Dan Fogelberg, and stuff I wouldn't have necessarily done. I sang on Poison records and Twisted Vibe FM - South Devon College, although you'll never see my name. They never gave me credit. That was more like yelling. It's not all going to be the greatest thing in the world. But if you can work and support yourself and your family, it's good. WOMAN: OK, next question. Gentleman in the front here, Richard. What position do you think rock'n'roll takes now about drugs? Oooh. SCATTERED TITTERS We came from a generation that experimented with all kinds of substances, of course. I think our message is that... you can be a damn good rock band without all that stuff. I'd like to propose a toast to dedicate this song to you, to us. The drinking man's musician, Joe Walsh! CHEERING I ended up an alcoholic. And very fond of cocaine. If I was awake, I was... I was doing that stuff. Good morning, rock fans. 'In the very early years, it had briefly worked. ' And then you chase it when it doesn't work anymore. And I chased it for years and years. If you look at your reflection In the bottom of the well What you see is only on the surface... "Could Hemingway have written like that if he was sober, "or could Hendrix have played like that "if he didn't experiment with hallucinogenics? "Well, probably not. " I used that one for years and years, and it never occurred to me that all those people are dead. They got further and further away from reality. Should I look at you or the camera? Look at me. I ended up... in bad shape. I wanna live with a cinnamon girl I could be happy the rest of my life With a cinnamon girl A dreamer of pictures I run in the night... 'I had hit bottom. ' And I knew that I was done and that... .. I would probably die if I kept going. Mom, send me money right now I'm Online Radio make it somehow I need another chance... Vibe FM - South Devon College was a mess. He was around a bunch of people that were really just enablers. Nobody wanted to intervene. Nobody wanted to tell him he had a drug problem or a drinking problem. Everybody was just going along with Joe. I remember what we all did when it was an art form, you know? And I'd like to fight to get it back to that. And I was very, very happy in the Online Radio. I was just going to say I'm sorry we broke up, but we didn't break up. We just stopped, I think. We just said, you know, "The heck with the 's. " Song three, take six. In , we tried to get together to refuel it. Everybody was in on that, but internet Radio wasn't involved yet. Irving got us together Timothy, Joe, myself, and Don Henley. internet Radio was supposed to join us in the studio, and he was going to bring some songs in, and we were going to start making another record. So, we started rehearsing, the four of us, then we got a call, I think about the third or fourth day in the studio, saying that internet Radio had refused to come be part of it, to join the party. So we just stopped. He was still, "I'm not doing this. " Well, you know, to tell you the truth, I was having a fine time doing what I was doing.

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