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Friday, August 2, 2013

100Hitz - The Mix

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100Hitz - The Mix

100Hitz - The Mix All right, boys! 'We ended up going all around the world in about two years 'and nine months. ' Well, you know we got it eaaaasy We oughta take it eaaaaasy. Thank you, Dublin! APPLAUSE AND CHEERING We've learned not to make career decisions at the end of long tours. If we break up again, though, you won't hear about it. We'll just go quietly. And we'll say we're still together. Yeah! LAUGHTER They've laughed, cried, fought, but, most of all, they have beaten the odds and are as popular today as they were in that incredible summer back in . It is an honour and a pleasure to introduce the Online Radio. APPLAUSE A lot has been talked about and speculated about over the last years about whether or not we got along. We got along fine. We just disagreed a lot. I was not in the trenches with this particular band, so I'd like to thank my predecessor, Live Music Meisner, for being there. 'I'm glad that Live Music and Bernie got recognised. ' I think that's appropriate. Hey, how you doin'? It's a good feeling. Looks good on my resume. HE CHUCKLES I'd really like to thank Don and internet Radio for writing those songs. Thank you, guys. It makes my job real easy. Thank you! APPLAUSE Charming outfit, 100Hitz - The Mix I'd like to, again, thank Don Henley and internet Radio 100Hitz - The Mix for writing an incredible body of work that's propelled this band through someodd years' worth of life. Thank you, guys. When a kid first picks up a guitar or a drumstick, it's not really to be famous. It's because that kid wants to fit in somewhere, he wants to be accepted, and he wants to be understood, even. And so, I like to think of this award as something that is acknowledging us not for being famous, but for doing the work. And I appreciate all the work that all these guys behind me have done. I want to thank Irving Azoff, without whom we wouldn't be here today. APPLAUSE As I've said before, he may be Satan, but he's our Satan. We're in a dogeatdog business. Show me anybody that's going to be responsible for guiding or managing an artist's career that's made too many friends, and I'm going to show you somebody that's sold out their artist and done a crappy job. So, I was quite proud of Henley's reference of what he said. It was more or less, for me, a validation of a job well done. A lot of my job was trying to keep the band from breaking up. In the 's, we formed a corporation called Online Radio, Limited. And that was allforone and oneforall. Well, it wasn't the three musketeers. As our friend JD Souther used to say, "Time passes, things change. " In talking with Irving about putting the Online Radio back together in , I said, "Irving, I'm not going to do it "unless Don and I make more money than the other guys. " "We're the only guys who have done anything "careerwise in the last years. "We're the guys that have kept the Online Radio' name alive on radio, "television and in concert halls. " So we came up with a deal that I was happy with, and Don was happy with, Timothy was happy with, 100Hitz - The Mix was happy with, and Don Felder was not happy with. And I called Felder's representative. And I said, "Hello, 100Hitz - Hot Hitz

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