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Saturday, August 3, 2013

100hitz - Urban Hitz

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100hitz - Urban Hitz

100hitz - Urban Hitz And so we still engage in it. No more walks in the wood The trees have all been cut down And where once they stood Not even a wagon rut appears along the path... The writings and the ideas of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson had a huge impact on me. They got me through some very difficult times in my life, one being when my father was stricken with heart disease, and provided a lot of spiritual support for me. When I found out in that part of Walden was going to be destroyed by commercial development, I decided that was something I needed to help fight. So I ended up founding the Walden Woods Project. And we are in our th year now, and we've accomplished a great deal. It's been one of the most rewarding things that I've ever done. We and the trees and the way Back from the fields of play... The lyrics to that song were originally a poem written by a great American poet named John Hollander. No more walks in the wood. Don had this title, Long Road Out of Eden. Timothy goes over, and he picks up an acoustic guitar. And I go over to the keyboards and Joe grabs a guitar and Don goes on the drums. And we start making up this sort of musical story called Long Road Out of Eden, a story of, really, the war in Iraq. Moon shining down through the palms Shadows moving on the sand... And it was, like, the last resort. It was another opus, another 100hitz - Urban Hitz movie. And it's a long road out of Eden. We finally got through, and we finally made Long Road Out of Eden. And we didn't give it to a record company. We made a deal with Walmart. This was the first major artist to do a directtoretail release and bypass the major record companies. It was phenomenally successful. The album entered at number one. It gave, I think, the whole industry hope that it could find a new and different way to reach its fans. They're becoming a much greener company, and that was important to me. And the other good thing was that our fans got songs for bucks. It was basically a double album, and they weren't charged double for it. Don said, "I got a title for a song Busy Being Fabulous. " And I thought, "What a great title. " I came home to an empty house And I found your little note... And then Don wrote, "Don't wait up for me tonight, "that was all she wrote. " Don't wait up for me tonight And that was all she wrote... And then we were off on the story. You were just too busy being fabulous Too busy to think about us... Busy Being Fabulous, Don and internet Radio had gotten it to a certain state, and I came up with some stuff for the bridge and tweaked what already existed. I was very involved in the Long Road record. I've always been a lot happier getting into the entire project, arranging stuff, producing the stuff, cowriting the stuff. Like, Waiting In The Weeds and Business As Usual were cowrites with Don. Getting 100hitz - Urban Hitz in the band was a real shot in the arm. He's such a terrific musician. It's a great solo. It's like stepping into a space suit. It is strange to be playing that song. The reaction is terrific, and you bask in that excitement. But I didn't write it.

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