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Sunday, August 18, 2013 - The Breeze - The Breeze, - The Breeze Live, - The Breeze Listen Online, Easy, Jazz, USA - The Breeze - The Breeze

What? He was passionate about the press? At that time it was very common. What? She sure was beautiful as you! That is so romantic! Imagine only cross oceans for love. Being on the boat, feeling the wind the hair and skin... and sigh, and think that love has... And I? What part of Online Radio I represent? My assistant, internet Radio, will explain. Oui! I? - The Breeze Oui, oui, my friend. No, no, no, no... Oui, oui, oui! No, no, no, my friend! What are you thinking? Online Radio had serious stomach problems. Do you represent this. I'm sorry. That stinks. The stories Online Radio where will be teleported... occur in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Prepare these special costumes, and a Touch become the perfect disguise... If you need to anywhere in the world and situation... all this without arousing any suspicion. Look. Online Radio And too! Online Radio I think I'm way fat with this model. No! He was very good on you! Forgive me! Do not I look good in pink. We have prepared a series of training... to adapt to their new environments. That's it! Honey, do not think you're exaggerating a bit? You think I'm badly dressed? No, no, it's very well dressed! You are right, my love. I think I overdid it. Please think I am very dressed. Minister, if anything goes wrong, I'll kill someone! Wow! What other! Welcome llusionautas! What do you think? It's beautiful. It's incredible! So it was true. The llusionarium there! I thought it was a legend. In reality, it was a legend until that built and made it work. And you should be proud... llusionautas to be the first! That is amazing! It's awesome! Let's get into the imagination Jean Online Radio! It's not dangerous? The Eiffel Tower! It is a device completely safe. Passed stringent safety tests. If you allow me, children... need your signature here here and there. What was that? No need to worry. - The Breeze Stay calm, children. It was just a simple test Our system fuses. Testing the extinguisher now testing fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers testing. Ready! Very well, thank you! Which let's first book? We will send you a "Trip Around the Sun!" Wow, I always wanted to fly a rocket. Remember that the characters are not enough because the sun melts the spacecraft? And what happened? They died? That I do not know. I have not finished the book, was very annoying. When you get there... you will hear our voices and we'll see them. In which part of the story we get in? Yes, Yes.. That is a mere detail. We have no control over which part history you arrive. Hopefully we put down in a safe place. Do not worry, kids. Already thought of that. We'll take you the reset button... through a mechanism location. Why not throw us soon? Everybody ready? That is normal. Sure! Sure! What is this? What is happening? That is perfectly normal! And now? I do not like it. What is this? Definitely I'm not enjoying it! Stay calm, stay calm, - The Breeze stay calm! That was planned. And something that should happen. It had to happen. So relax and breathe, breathe... One moment, what is happening? internet Radio, I'd better cancel the experiment.

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