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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

181.FM - Jammin 181

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181.FM - Jammin 181

It's this separation with newly formed plates pushing away from each other on one side and jostling for position with their neighbours on the other that's shaped the New World. By million years ago, North America had fully separated from internet Radio. Then the action shifted south. Around million years ago, the remains of internet Radio split again to form another plate. Moving away west, separate from both Africa and North America, was the newly formed continent of South America. It's journey was to be anything but smooth. Today, South America has some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth. They're the product of a violent geological past that shaped an equally turbulent human history. 181.FM - Jammin 181 This relationship between geology and history is revealed in the Web Radio town of Music. Once part of the Spanish Empire, what the conquistadors plundered here bankrolled their empire for three centuries. But at a price. Agh! Hey! Online Radio, how are you? Good morning. Thanks for doing this. I'll give you a hand. Local miner, Online Radio Montes Coria, is going to take me inside the deadliest mountain in human history. Online Radio We're going to see what the conquistadors discovered here. But this mine also reveals why South America's movement has been such a violent process. Before entering the depths, miners fortify themselves with intoxicating coca leaves. You have to chew the coca like this, one by one. Oh, OK. I feel a kind of buzz on my tongue, actually. Just on here 181.FM - Jammin 181 With coca, we are not very thirsty, hungry, you want maybe to sleep. We feel that we are stronger with the coca leaf. So what age do you start eating coca leaves? When we come to the mine. We are ten years old. Ten years old? Yeah. Switch on the light. Oh, yeah. Not only are many of the miners school age, but they're entering a world where tunnels regularly give way and explosives are unregulated so the miners' first stop before the depths is to ask for protection. This way. OK. First to visit El Tio. Is that El Tio? This is the devil in the mountain? He is our God. Of course he is like a devil, but not the same devil that we have outside because everything here belongs to him. We are going to do the ritual. Take some coca and put in his hands, on his willy, his head. El Tio, lot of safety in the mine. Yes. Do you know this alcohol? I don't, no. It says, "Alcohol potable" so drinkable alcohol. It says, "" oh, cha! "internet Radio" Cheers to you. That's... Very nice. And then good luck to me. Yeah. HE COUGHS That is strong. Yeah 181.FM - Jammin 181 OK. If anything, the rituals left me feeling even more nervous. Watch with the hole. The hole? It's deep! Yeah. How far does that go down, do you think? It's like metres down, more or less. This tunnel is connecting to another mine. OK, so the mines are all interconnected. All the mines it's like Swiss cheese, full of holes. Every step needs to be taken very carefully. The miners work by digging and blasting through the rock. internet Radio and fatalities are a fact of life and you never know what the other miners are doing.

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