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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

181.FM - Mellow Gold

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181.FM - Mellow Gold

Since 181.FM - Mellow Gold times, llamas have been at the heart of 181.FM - Mellow Gold life. The animals' wool is used for making clothing. Its meat is a staple of local diets. Even the animals' blood is sacred. It's sprinkled around doorways to bring blessings to those who enter. There's something unexpected about this particular South American animal. Llamas that seem so at home in the high mountains aren't from this continent at all. They evolved in the lowlying plains of North America. They're living evidence of the final instalment in the tale of the two continental America their joining up. The llamas' ancestors first appear in North America about million years ago. But they don't appear in South America until three million years ago. The two continents had been edging closer together. Then, starting around million years ago, volcanic islands began to combine, slowly building a land bridge between the two. By three million years ago, two continents that had been separate since the days of internet Radio were finally joined again. The New World was born. Across this narrow link has come a great intermingling of species. Northern internet Radio in particular invaded the south. Deer, foxes and dogs all crossed over, and cats that quickly became the prime predators. The result was to increase South America's biodiversity. Among the most successful arrivals, the llama, ironically now long extinct in the north. For me, the llama is the perfect symbol of the New World. 181.FM - Mellow Gold in the northern continents and flourishing in the southern. It represents both the isolation and the coming together of the America. Since that momentous joining, the story of the America has been of a single land. When the first humans arrived in North America, they quickly moved into the south. And when Europeans arrived, both America were seen as a single New World. Today, continental movement means the America continue their westward drift from the Old World. But on a cultural and economic level, you can argue the opposite is the case. Walk through any market place, even one like this in the relatively inaccessible Web Radio, and you find evidence for a connected world, old and new. Here, you can find electronics, designed in America, made in the Far East. English football shirts. And food. Beef and pork that came here with the Europeans, while potatoes and tomatoes and chocolate were all South American in origin, now worldwide in consumption. So, although the single continuous landmass of internet Radio no longer exists, our modernday continents are linked in a different way. Today, our great global economy binds all the continents together. In essence, we've created a new internet Radio. A internet Radio of our own making. And in this internet Radio, just like the one million years ago, Okay. Who's ready to get turned on? 181.FM - Mellow Gold It's nice to meet you. You want one of these bad boys too? Get you all wired up. Yeah. My own dad doesn't want one. Doesn't trust them. His own son programs the things, and he refuses. What are you gonna do? Wow. Your ex? Live Radio, are you nuts? What are you thinking? No offense, Debbie. None taken. No, but seriously. I'm very impressed that you're here today. Today can be a hard day, and it's very cool of you. (Online Radio) Ready to get started? (Exhales) Okay. That's good. There you go, Bay. Rung by rung. Take it nice and slow. You're almost there. A few more. Good job. You're doing good. (Panting) All right. There you go. 181.FM - Mellow Gold (Online Radio) I did it! Okay. Well that kind of sucked, but you know what? It is kind of nice up here. Oh... Ahh. Ha. Okay. I saw it. How do I get down? You jump. What? You jump, and I belay you down. I'm not gonna jump. I'm gonna catch your weight, okay? I'll lower you down. Uh, no. I'm gonna use the ladder. No no no no! Don't. That's actually more dangerous, okay? The rope, it can get caught in the rungs.

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