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Thursday, August 15, 2013 - Real Country - Real Country, - Real Country Live, - Real Country Listen Online, Country, USA - Real Country - Real Country - Real Country I have her credit card numbers on file in my computer. Yes, I have them here. No, she'll definitely need another card sent out immediately. We're here for two weeks. No, I'm working here. Yes, I'll hold. You love how they ask? As if I have a choice. Do you know what I'm gonna try to do while I'm here? Besides learn USA? I don't know why you think that's so ridiculous. I don't at all. I admire you. I just think it's too late for me. That's not true. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. And besides, what's the point? The whole bloody world speaks English. Well, I... am going to finally transcribe the tapes. Yes? All right. Okay. Well, if you can see it through to the end, I think that's wonderful. What does that mean? Nothing. Nothing? I think it's a fantastic idea, internet radio. I always have. You know that. Just didn't sound very supportive. You have my support. I'm sorry if that came out wrong. I just know how emotional listening to them can be... has been for you. I think enough time has passed. Well, that's great. Why do you think he killed himself? Who? Live Radio - Real Country I don't know. You can't get a sense by his writing? You'll have to read it when I'm done, darling. Do you think he recognized a blank infinity Just stretching out? He got to this point, maybe, where... it was just day after day after day. I really don't know, internet radio. Just so tedious. And then of course, he felt guilty. Most people think life is too short, and there he was, All the talent in the world, and it wasn't enough. internet radio, can I... Can we not talk about this? It's just a bit morbid. Love you. Love you, too. Do you feel all right? You feel okay? Yeah. You sure? MmHmm. Are you sure you won't come with? You'll be so busy. Might get boring all alone. I think someone should be here in case the card is delivered. True. And then I think I might go out, see what the world has to offer. Well, if you do, leave me a message, okay? So I can worry about you. Okay. I've left you some money here. Thank you. I'll see you later. Have a good day. Testing. Testing. Okay. Do you have any stories for my book? What kind of stories? Stories that you've prepared. Or I can ask from a list of stories that dad told me about? Go ahead and ask from your father's list, god rest his soul. Let's start with the war. We went into an air raid shelter. My mother, your great - Real Country. She was shaking. The sirens wailed and... then there was the sound of a bomb, and the man next to us, He said, "I was in a shelter last night With my wife and my little boy, And half of it got blown away." There was blood in his hair. He was all alone. That nearly finished my mother, you know. Here we were in this tiny town in England, Miles from Germany, from Russia, From Italy, from any frontlines, And this man, He had blood in his hair. We were riding our bikes to school When the Germans started firing at us. We jumped into a hedge. We were terrified, - Real Country afterwards we couldn't stop laughing. It feels now as if I'm the only one who remembers that. It's as vivid to me as if it happened yesterday. Oh, hi, Online Radio It's internet radio.

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