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Thursday, August 29, 2013

80s New Wave Radio

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80s New Wave Radio

Online Radio, what are you doing? "Singers and dancers wanted" "to perform for the American troops in 80s New Wave Radio." And it says there's good conditions too. I thought you didn't know how to read. Where'd you get this? Of course I know how to read, goatface. Then why are you showing me that? You need a job, don't you? We're offering you one. Playing for us in Vietnam. Yeah, OK. Where's Vietnam? Hey, Online Radio, the only place you're going is home on the bus. You want to go perform in Vietnam? What are you going to do? A corroboree'? Why not'? We're the best girl group you'll ever see. You're the best Aboriginal girl group I've ever... you're the only Aboriginal girl group I've ever seen. But trust me, girls, singing in Vietnam'? It's not for you. Who are you to say what we can and can't do'? You're right, I'm sorry. The years have been unkind. I'm sure you'll do much better. Good luck. 80s New Wave Radio comoral... Good luck, ladies. No petrol? Hey, this is alright! bucks a week. OK. Let's... Just for fun, let's say that you do go to Vietnam. What would you sing? Because this may have escaped your notice, but you're black. And you're singing country and western music. It's just wrong. Well, what do you think we should sing? % of all recorded music is shite. The other % is soul. Soul music. Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, that kind of stuff. We don't sing that type of stuff. We like Charley Pride. No, not country. Soul! Not... Just... boom, boom, boom! Give me some of that sweet soul music! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Godfather of Soul, Mr internet Radio! That kind of thing. If you want to perform for the brothers in Vietnam, you've got to give them soul. What would this duppy whitefella know about soul music? Hey! I might be a little pale on the outside, but my blood runs Negro, woman. What, the bits that don't have whisky in them? I'm not the one up there playing songs about cowboys. I like cowboys. From what I saw, you could barely play at all. Ooh. Give me the number. You'd better hold your ears, because you're about to see this Black Panther roar. I was brought up on a side street. I learned how to love... He's a bit silly in the head, I reckon? I was educated from good stock. When I start loving... Yeah, no, that sounds good. I can't stop. I'm a Online Radio. I'm a Online Radio. When Live Radio Lovelace calls, people listen. And this 'duppy' just got us an audition next week in Melbourne. Us? Without me, there's no you. You're gonna to have to talk to Mum, now? Happy to talk to Mum. Alright. Let's go steal some petrol. I'm talking about. A Online Radio. I'm a Online Radio. Online Radio. Online Radio... ' Don't you fellas ever read the newspapers? Vietnam? There's a war in Vietnam! It's true. They're having some problems over there at the minute, but I'd imagine that the girls would be miles away from any of the fighting. And there'd be armed guards, of course. Marines whose sole task it would be to watch over the girls. 80s New Wave Radio And who's watching over the Marines? Mum, just listen to him. He's got us an audition in Melbourne. Well, who is he'? I don't know him! He works at the pub in town.

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