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Friday, August 30, 2013

A Better Alternative X-Rock Station

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A Better Alternative X-Rock Station

A Better Alternative X-Rock Station Between the two of us girls, you know I love you more. It took me by surprise, I must say. When I found out yesterday. Don't you know I heard it through the grapevine'? Alright. Good. It was good. Yes, very good. But, um... how do I say this? OK next time you do it, can you make it sound blacker? Manage that, Live Radio Alright. Let's go again. 'Grapevine'. This time, Online Radio, can you sing the lead, please? What? No, no, no. I'm internet Radio That's right. Yeah, my name's internet Radio I sing lead. Online Radio and the girls do backups. How do you feel about not singing lead? How do you feel about getting knocked out by a woman? Pretty embarrassed, I would imagine. The thing is, internet Radio, I pick the songs and I pick who sings them. Nobody tells me or my sisters what to sing or who sings lead. Your voice isn't good enough to sing lead. You want to say that again? Not really. No. internet Radio, you are a commanding presence, on stage as you are in life. But you also have the weakest voice out of the four of you. He's right, internet Radio You can hold a tune but you can't hold your own in a solo. Sometimes. More than sometimes. Anyone else? A Better Alternative X-Rock Station Maybe you should just let those of us who can do it, do it. Yeah, OK, then. internet Radio, that's very... Shut up. I'm not finished. I'm finished. Alright. Before we go again... Girls, when I met you, you were doing your whole country and western thing and that's fine we all make mistakes. But here's where we learn from that mistake. Country and western music is about loss. Soul music is also about loss. But the difference is, in country and western music, they've lost, they've given up and they're just at home whining about it. In soul music, they're struggling to get it back and they haven't given up, so every note that passes through your lips should have the tone of a woman who's grasping and fighting and desperate to retrieve what's been taken from her. You understand? Now, what it is that you're searching for, that's up to you. I'm just here to get yee there, you know'? I'll take you there... There's a place called the Apollo Theatre. It's where dreams are made, where legends are born. I'll take you there... A Better Alternative X-Rock Station I can see you girls singing in places like that. There and in the Rainbow, in the Olympia, the best rooms in the world. ' I'll take you there... ' Because you've got it within you you just need to let it out. I'll take you there... That's it! Let it out of you like a geyser coming out of the ground! Like a volcano springing from the earth, and you just can't stop it. I'll take you there... Like a volcano pushing through the earth beneath you. I'll take you there... Until finally, it's easy enough, like breathing in and breathing out. I'll take you there... A Better Alternative X-Rock Station And breathing in and breathing out. And breathin' in and breathin' out. And breathing in. Oh, mercy! Oooooooh! Can I have some mercy now'? . A Better Alternative X-Rock Station Any questions? One, two, three. Now, don't you ever. Be sad... One, two, three. Lean on me... OK. Wrong arms, girls. Wrong arms. internet Radio Thank you. Hey! Alright. Are we ready? Let's get our dancing shoes on, ladies. Hold on...

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