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Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Better Country Legends Classics Station

A Better Country Legends Classics Station, A Better Country Legends Classics Station Live, Listen Online, Country, USA

A Better Country Legends Classics Station

A Better Country Legends Classics Station Said he had to take that intruder. And was not it! You think I wanted to play a giant octopus in our faces? If anyone has a solution, is the teacher. Right on time. I was looking for a solution. You will say. What came first, the cork or the corkscrew? A stopper. The corkscrews. The stopper is obvious! Was the corkscrew! And why invent the corkscrew... without a stopper to withdraw? And why put a cork in bottle if there is a corkscrew? A stopper! The corkscrew! Exactly! This is the dilemma! It's bigger than the charade the "chicken or the egg"... And how many drunks, is a major issue! Saw the profiterole or Online Radio? Not meeting the two anywhere. They must have fallen in another part of the boat. In what book are we? I do not know. It's some kind of crossing, but I can not identify the story. Too bad Online Radio is not here. internet Radio, you and he... No, no, no, I and the Online Radio.. There is nothing! I said this because he knew all the stories. A Better Country Legends Classics Station My servant, Online Radio suddenly disappeared. It is very difficult to find trusty deputies today. I had to take the train flying and could not continue looking... so I got on the train. I could not be late. If I'm not mistaken, we are on "The Adventures of the Flying Train". What are we doing in a boat if you can fly on a train? I do not know, but Online Radio was a terrible writer. You thought you could escape? Run! Very interesting. Very interesting. What do you think teacher? I think it's very interesting! Oh, professor! Have any solution to our problem interesting or not? What problem? Children! We have to bring back these poor children! Get out! Yes, yes, that is the dilemma. Greater than that of the chicken and the egg! Gee, professor! Yes, yes, yes, I think there is a solution. I was once working something, and I let it go... I got distracted with formula. I do not remember where I left off with the experiment. Let me think. And dangerous! Was in the experimentation phase. Do not know if it will work. Never used. Come with me! Incrível! Have you seen where we are? We're underwater! That should be Esplendora! I know, do not tell me. It is the underwater city invented by Online Radio! What is this? I have a bad feeling. I need your brain. It's the closest thing we have with a year old boy. What do you want, Your monster Neanderthal? If we play this time we'll die! We need help, rescue, someone help us! I need to know which story Online Radio want to go! I do not know! I have no idea where they are children! If you do not tell me that, I can not drive the machine. We lost contact with them before the last restart! That was close. Help! Someone help us please! A Better Country Legends Classics Station Which story do you want to go? I know. Let's start with the "Tunnel Fantastic!" Very well! What is happening? There's nothing to worry about. And voila! internet Radio's brain will be our projector! Nothing! Professor, are you sure that Your machine works? But of course it works! Where are our friends? Aristotle! internet Radio! Yes, yes, these are our friends! Are in danger! We have to do something! I do whatever it takes and I face any danger to save them...

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