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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Better Motown Magic Radio

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A Better Motown Magic Radio
You have to take your horrible talking talking mouth away from me. All right, then. Water trickles Ohh! Laughs Laughs Groans When did you get in last night, anyway? You don't remember? Oh, I remember quite vividly. I just don't remember what time it was. : or :. Operation went a little late. Mmhmm. in the sun when you're young you find a way What? back home It's nothing. This is a first for me. What do you mean? Well, we were friends, and now we're this. Not that I'm exactly sure what this is. A Better Motown Magic Radio Which is fine, because whatever this is, I don't totally hate it. Laughs Me, neither. So let's just keep open with each other. We can figure this out as we go along. Sound good? Yeah. Sets brush down Sounds perfect. Laughs Live Radio Yawning Is it really that hard? The operation you guys are on? Long. Just long. It was three allnighters in a row. Hey, are my eyes as slitty as yours? Slittier. I'd take your place if I could. Online Radio's got me on desk detail. Not that I'm complaining. I'm just glad to be back. You you seem to be adjusting quite well. You know, I really am. Live Radio I mean, I'm not gonna pretend what happened to me didn't suck. It did. But being back here, in this place, with you guys it reminds me of what I had. And I loved what I had. I mean, I'm young. I'm single. I understand this life, you know? I know how it works. See? Cottage cheese. Opens lid Right where the cottage cheese should be. Yeah, that's actually from before you left. I wouldn't A Better Motown Magic Radio I mean, I spent the last couple of months living for other people. I'm gonna start living for myself again. You know, speaking of which, it's Friday. We should celebrate tonight. Yeah. Totally. Whispers No. Whispers indistinctly Oh, I can make those cocktails we found on that Russian web site. Remember those? Uh, the ones that had the the the meat in them? Yeah! Those were awful. I know! It'll be awesome. Okay? Just like old times. Sets container down Whispering I don't want a party tonight! Lowered voice Neither do I, but Online Radio is going through something right now, and he needs us, so we're gonna be there for him, okay? Truck horn honks Online Radio All right, all right. Listen up. Listen up, everyone. indistinct conversations fade As most of you know, today's the last day of operation Driftnet. Yawns Whirring in background Swarek, your, uh, your team looks a little worn down. You working them too hard? I certainly hope so. Good, because Driftnet is important to this division. Who can tell me why? Online Radio? To get our numbers up? To clean up our streets. Exactly right. Yeah, that's that's what I meant. Well, maybe that's how they do it in Timmins, but you're back in the big city now. Man Live Radio It's not a game. We're not keeping score. Where are you set up today? A highrise at Sherbourne and Gerrard. Drug dealer by the name of A Better Motown Magic Radio. Okay, patrols, stay clear of this area. Let these guys work. All right? We got it? Officers Yeah. Good. Let's go. Indistinct conversations Groaning and murmuring Okay, so what is the score, anyway? Um four trafficking, nine conspiracy to traffic, and sixty possession Two possession.

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