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Monday, September 9, 2013

AccuRadio - '80s Hair Bands

AccuRadio - '80s Hair Bands, AccuRadio - '80s Hair Bands Live, Listen Online, 80, Rock, USA

AccuRadio - '80s Hair Bands
AccuRadio - '80s Hair Bands Good boy! I've got him in the northeast corner. Look how many tickets we're getting, buddy. Nice! Look at this. Look at how many tickets we got. Gene Mackenzie. There's nowhere to go. Where's Online Radio? She's not coming. Come on, Gene. This is my son. I know. So let's not do this in front of him. If you ever come near my family again He's not your family! Let go of my son. He's not your family! Hey, buddy. Okay. Buddy. Mr. Mackenzie, I need you turn around, all right? Put your hands on the machine. Hey. He's fine. Put your hands on the machine. Sorry hey! Dov: He's clean. Handcuffs click AccuRadio - '80s Hair Bands, you're under arrest for child abduction. We're gonna take you into the station, and you're gonna talk to a detective. We were together for a few months right after Online Radio dumped her. Took me a while to figure out the timing before I realized that Online Radio was mine. I mean He looks just like I did at that age. I could show you baby pictures. Why didn't you get a paternity test? Online Radio wouldn't go for it. And I'd never get custody anyway. Because of your record. Because I hit her. Once. When we were together. But, look, I haven't been in any trouble since then. You know, I I work really hard. I volunteer. I mean, she signed Online Radio up for soccer so I could see him once a week. Well, it sounds like you had an agreement regarding custody. We did, but then Online Radio shows up, and that's it. She pulls Online Radio out of soccer. She won't let me see him anymore. She won't answer my phone calls. She's pretending like I don't exist. AccuRadio - '80s Hair Bands this morning, I drove over there. I was just gonna lay it all out, tell Online Radio the truth. Sighs They were pulling out of the driveway. So you followed them. A few hours later, I'm sitting there watching my son Sighs in some park with people I've never seen before. I couldn't handle it. She never even gave me a chance to be his dad. Indistinct talking Hey. Uh, do you know if Online Radio is still around? Uh, he and Online Radio took Online Radio back to the apartment. Uh, have you seen Dov? I don't really keep tabs on your boyfriend. Okay, well, do you know if he's gone home? Because Chloe, see this? I have a lot of forensic blahblahblah that I have to add to my notes. I have to be somewhere in an hour, so if you don't mind, can you just go be somewhere else, please? Yeah, okay. Well, when you do go home, do you think you could just drop this off for me? Do I look like a fedex box to you, Chloe? The old one's gonna be in evidence for a while, so Where did you get that? I went by Emerson Toys, 'cause I thought it might help. You know, after a day like Online Radio's had today, so anyways, um, could you just Yeah, sure Give that to Online Radio? Okay. Thanks. Hey. Yeah? You're very wide open and brighteyed. It's kind of like you belong in "The sound of music." What that means, Chloe, is that you're not afraid to be yourself, and it drives me crazy. Because I I get it, Gail. Apology accepted. Oh, yeah, um, actually, I'm not apologizing. Yes, you are. Have a good night, Gail.

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