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Thursday, September 26, 2013

ACRN - The Rock Lobster

ACRN - The Rock Lobster, ACRN - The Rock Lobster Live, Listen Online, College Radio, USA

ACRN - The Rock Lobster
All we've got! Why are you packing? Moving house. To where? Uncle Online Radio's work is starting. Making those uniform sets. Yep. Are you really going to move there and help? You're so smart. Can you do it? Are you sure? I'm really great. ACRN - The Rock Lobster Live Radio is the best, okay? After you move, what's going to happen to me? We go together of course. Us, moving together can save money. After work, I can help as well. Already counted you in. So you've been plotting against me the whole time. Ambush failed. Live Radio. When we were little, you always went missing in the hospital. Where did you go? It's you. You're the one who place the letter here. Live Radio, you still haven't answered me. What? At that time, I think there was a boy with a leg in a cast who was always with you when you went missing. Right? Do you still remember him? I'm going to take a shower. But to Martians there is no difference between life and death. Because the people who leave this world will fly to that place. Don't understand, huh? This is a hand gesture only ACRN - The Rock Lobster know This is a place it's called Star, you can call it Lucky Star. The people who have left this world will all live in Lucky Star. They will hang in the sky and blink at you. Your mum is definitely living in Lucky Star. She knows that you don't like to talk so that's why every night she'll hang above the sky. Always flashing. Smiling while talking to you. Do you know that, the ones who can live in the Lucky Star are all good people. The most important thing is their hearts and our hearts are all connected. As long as you and the people of Lucky Star loved each other, and miss each other. They will always live inside here. Online Radio Do you still remember our promise? You little punk. Long time no see. And when we do, its only because you're ill. Is it strange? I remember when we were studying aboard you were the servant who could cook and a family doctor. How has it been going? So busy you haven't even been taking care of your body Can't help it. Did you know, when I didn't choose Enterprise Management it was because of... Family business. But I still reckon your swimming face is more handsome than you wearing a suit. What? Do I look weird when I wear a suit? A bit cold. Cold blooded. You're not cold blooded. Your coldness is only on the outside. Thank you for your compliment. You're probably the second person who doesn't think I'm cold blooded. Who's the other one? Online Radio? You and Online Radio should be getting married soon. ACRN - The Rock Lobster Do you still remember the winter that I told you about? You are talking about the winter when you swapped lunches with an alien. I'll swap with you okay? It's yummy. Do you like eating my lunchbox? On every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we'll come here and swap lunches. Since we are friends what is your name? My name is Online Radio What are all these circles and crosses? Unless, you are the Martian. It's her. Why do you suddenly remember that winter? That's because I think I can't turn back into to the me of that winter. But recently I feel like I've changed, feels like i'm driving a reversed car.

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