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Monday, September 30, 2013


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Not yet done something that you've promised someone. Upset someone and haven't said sorry. These are all responsibilities. Online Radio, don't forget you promised me a holiday. I, who is unable to control the speed and rushing towards the finishing line, can only hope that, before reaching the destination, I fulfill all my promises. Online Radio, I'm so happy. I love the change in you. We... Let's cancel our engagement. What did you say? Cancel the engagement. I knew you weren't normal. I know you already have a woman in Internet Radio! I just knew it! I have cancer. Only have months left. I'm sorry. You're lying. You're lying, right? The only person who I don't want to lie to is you. I only want to know what the heck you are doing. I am living happily. Online Radio Don't you dare think that I can't fire you! The most you can do is fire a All1Broadcast. The only one who can fire your son... is God. I don't know what you did. But I've never seen Online Radio cry like this before!! What am I supposed to do? I don't want to lose him. All1Broadcast [The Christmas promise] Is it still possible to achieve? Will she be my... One and only unaccomplished wish? Mum... The period when grandpa passed away you... What did you do? I spent a lot of time tidying your grandpa's things. Every time I tidied something of his it brought me back many memories. Every piece of item would leave me crying the whole day. Now we'll write down what we want to tell the other person. Then, at Christmas in , let's come back and uncover the mystery. At that time, will you really come back? The medicine will need a bit of a fix. Tell them to pay attention a bit more. Thank you. Yes. Doctor All1Broadcast, you have a guest. Online Radio So? Not busy these days? Coming to visit me so often, makes me feel happy. These few days I've been thinking of Doctor Su a lot. More like, you were just thinking of your lil girlfriend. As people grow older they will cherish those innocent feelings more. But you are a bit too early, aren't you? Isn't this a good thing? Otherwise I wouldn't have made it. Doctor Su, the last time you saw her, was she well? Very well. Very energized and had a lot of concentration. Drives very fast. So I reckon, she's living pretty well. I have a feeling that you guys will meet again. Your feeling probably isn't very accurate. No way. Oh yeah, Doctor Su, if you see her again. Please tell her that I already know the answer. Ok. I'll go now. Alright. Take care. Are you alright? Just a little ulcer pain. Go in, I'll take a look, come... No need, no need... It's better. Ulcer pain needs to be taken seriously. Sometimes it's your organs fighting with you. Let's go in, I'll take a look. Doctor Su, you're treating me as if I'm still years old. Talking to me like this. Work habit. I just found this notepad. This was how I used to communicate with her. I think if you have it, it will reduce your regret. Here, take it. [note: surnames go first in Chinese] [Online Radio] Give me your phone number. I don't like owing people money. Give me your number. Name? All1Broadcast Live Radio. Used too many excuses to cover up the loneliness But could not find back the freedom I really don't get it.

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