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Friday, September 6, 2013

ASSK Radio

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ASSK Radio
ASSK Radio we came up short. Oh. Sorry to hear that. But it's okay, 'cause in light of the Jackson Irving arrest, Online Radio's over the moon. Mmhmm. So thanks for that. Oh, no. That was all you. I was just there to cheer you on. I was actually coming to find you. Oh? I wondered if maybe you wanted to go celebrate with me and go have a drink. Mm. It's interesting. Interesting? Yeah. Sighs While I've been pursuing you for weeks, but only on the day you catch a notorious gangster do you bite. Sighs I'm just trying to figure out the implications of that. You know, there's kind of a code to this being asked out. Is that right? Short answers are good. Yes. "Yes" is my answer. Sighs All right, then. Shall we? Just let me get that. Thank you. Ah, you're welcome. Laughs Telephone rings So say I wanted to get to first base, are we gonna have to, like, take down a whole crime family or something? Well, keep saying "first base." See what that does for your chances. Radio chatter Door creaks Vehicles passing in distance Hey. Hey. Sighs Sam I'm so sorry. I should have told you. Sleep. We'll talk tomorrow. Are you in trouble? Zaac Pick's "Drifters" playing No. No one's in trouble. oh, let it fall this mountain over me indistinct conversations Hey. Hey. What are you doing here? Just looking for you. You all right? I had a really terrible day today. Tell you about it? You were only in England for two years? What what are you asking me? Do they have any alcohol here? I have a fully stocked bar in my flat. Oh? Live Radio We could leave right now. Weston Let me just be clear here. This date's not going very well for you. ASSK Radio But I'm gonna stay and enjoy this festive latte, and then I'm gonna go home. Alone. Because there's not enough alcohol in the world to get me in bed with you. Can I keep your number in case you change your mind? I'm gonna go now. Right now. Two dates in two nights. Superintendent mom must be getting desperate. She just wants to make sure that I don't end up a lonely spinster. Besides, it keeps me away from cheese puffs. That one. Uh, Live Radio and I might be going to The ASSK Radio tonight. You could join us for a drink instead. I think I'd rather be with Robin Hood again. What is it with you? You've been avoiding Live Radio for weeks. No, I'm not avoiding her. I'm just simply moving on to a new chapter of my life. Something you, my friend, should consider. I don't know. Sighs Getting back on that horse sounds a little exhausting. You could make my brother the horse. Gail, that's disgusting. You're telling me. Door opens Honey, I'm home! What?! Laughs Laughter Hi! We missed you! Hey. It's so it's so good to see you guys. ASSK Radio The the the place it looks the same. Yeah, it smells different. Thank God. Told you that smell was your fault. Live Radio Hi. Online Radio Thank you guys so much for letting us stay here. We, um, promise to keep the mess to a minimum. You're staying here? I mean you're staying here! You guys have four days off. What are you gonna get up to? Hit the town, paint it red, rock out with your She gets a little excited first thing in the morning. It's true. I had an espresso this morning, so Laughs.

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