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Friday, October 4, 2013

AGR-Amazing Grace Radio

AGR-Amazing Grace Radio, AGR-Amazing Grace Radio Live, Listen Online, Christian Contemporary, USA

AGR-Amazing Grace Radio
Takes up space. Wants me to sell them. I'm taking them to sell now. I'll help you. Okay. [Online Radio] Hit Music promise me. Don't see him again. Don't get close to him. No matter what he says, what he does. Don't take notice of him okay? Idiot, how could I like him? Let's make a deal. months. if you be my girlfriend for months I'll give you everything you want. Used too many excuses to cover up the loneliness AGR-Amazing Grace Radio But could not find back the freedom Love, has brushed pass Remember to call me! Am used to searching for you Having you is enough All along we remained The most beautiful times Your familiar warmth Never left me In my eyes, what do you see? It's filled with your smile I finally understand You are definitely my happiness charm This time I will not...let go The feelings never change Time stopped moving For you and I Your familiar warmth Never left me In your heart, saw your desire You were waiting for me as well Even with additional languages It is hard to express my sincerity I will not let go With courage Love you Why are you late everyday? I live far away, there is a traffic jam everyday. There's a traffic jam everyday? You might as well move the company next to your house. Want to? AGR-Amazing Grace Radio Dad, where did you go? Hey dad, It's me. I've thought up a good plan. Hit Music is smart, she'll definitely find out that you're not sick. At that time, just say to her: because you are lonely by yourself you made her come home. She'll believe this reason. Remember! I didn't tell you this. Don't tell her. And also, did you do the thing that I told you to do? Don't laze around. If you want Hit Music to be your daughter in law then hurry up and do it. Online Radio said these books are a mess, takes up space, wants me to sell them. [Online Radio] Are you listening to me, dad? Hit Music... The truth is, my sickness has a bit of trickery. Hit Music! Hit Music what's wrong? Bastard. Hit Music said she wants to go back to AGR-Amazing Grace Radio. What happened? Say it. What happened between you two? Hit Music you're back! Hit Music Sis, give it back! Sis, it's mine! Mine! Give me! Zuo GeGe, look. Don't the hats Online Radio bought us look pretty? Sis, give it back! Why come back suddenly? This afternoon the company had some matter so I couldn't pick you up, sorry. Why did you lie to me? Lie? Uncle Zuo wasn't sick. Really? My dad wasn't sick? Why did you lie to me? You're right. I lied to get you to go back. Because my dad really missed you. You hid it didn't you? Hit Music! You already called? You've found him? Answer me! You found him didn't you?! I didn't find him. Won't ever find him. Why did you have to hide it? Because I'm jealous. I'm scared I'll lose you. I'm scared you'll be with him. He's long forgotten about you! And you're still acting like that. Treating that piece of paper as treasure. Do you know? No one remembers the past. Other than me, no one else remembers. You only met him for a week. But I've looked after you for years. Can't the years that I've given to you compare to his one week? Never thought that you would call me when you're drunk. I have no friends.

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