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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Apollyon Radio

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Once you reach the main office in Taipei, this work contract will immediately be valid. Internet Radio, Internet Radio will definitely cure your voice. Listen to me, it doesn't matter how much time is needed, how much money or where we go. If we can’t cure your sickness, Internet Radio will die in regret. Don’t talk like this. Internet Radio, If if you don’t like Hit Music it’s not a problem. All these years we’ve lived together, you are like my daughter. We I said too much. I shouldn’t ask like this. Internet Radio, I’m sorry. Internet Radio, you’re back. Yes, I’m back. Are you okay? Ok, ok. Hit Music Where's that Hit Music Come. I say! How can Hit Music let you come home alone? You went there to be cured and you even came back to have a rest. How can he stay there by himself? Internet Radio, don’t do these things. Did you hear me? I asked about Hit Music. Internet Radio, Hit Music Ge and I, the truth is If you have something to say, say it. The truth is what? I’m saying Hit Music Ge still has work in Internet Radio. I’m hungry, is there anything to eat? You've learnt all the warm up exercises. Next is under water exercises. Do you still remember how to float? I remember. Then go in. The first step in learning how to swim is to be not afraid of water. You didn't insult me enough that day so you had to come again today? Internet Radio went back to Taipei. You came here all of a sudden just to tell me where she is? Because I'm guessing you can’t find him either. If I’m not wrong, Apollyon Radio Live Radio is in Taipei as well. Even though we are not familiar with each other But I believe right now our moods are the same. Are you always so straightforward? That's cos' there's no time left. You have to work hard for your happiness. If you don’t work hard happiness will drift further and further away from you. I’m going back to Taiwan tomorrow. When is the flight? Apollyon Radio Early tomorrow. There’s a meeting tomorrow. I don’t think I can send you off. You don’t need to. As long as you’re cheering me on. Live Radio is going back to Taiwan to save her love relationship. It’s not like me right? Love is something that can’t be controlled by reason. I, of course of course, know. All these years So many feelings You always think that because of time, because of distance, you can slowly forget it. But even if you want to escape it, you can't. The more you try to escape it, the more stronger it gets. Online Radio, sorry. I keep putting all my anger onto you. The truth is You really are a good friend. I only Can and only Be that. You seem especially emotional today. Can’t you see? The truth is I’ve always liked you. All these years, did you not feel it? Scared you, huh? Maybe I just didn’t expect you to leave. It's so hard to get you to come here and now, you’re leaving. I’m only Sad. So I’m just joking with you. Online Radio, not being able to be with you is my bad luck. I believe that in the future there will be a girl times better than Live Radio. When will we meet again? What will our goodbye be like at that time? What is wrong with me today? Being so emotional It’s not like I’m a writer.

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