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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dark Matter Digital Network

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Dark Matter Digital Network
Do not delay, because I'm sound asleep. Where are you, little button? Where no see? "Control". "Alt". "Del"! It's time to show what I learned from reading books spies. Good pillow. Come on, get out, big guy! It's all under control there. But still can not find my keys. What are you doing? I was just resting eyes slightly. And that chubby? A Intruso! What? Bye! He succeeded! Petit succeeded! Art Bell's Dark Matter You're back! Today we are here to make a tribute to the writer misunderstood... Jean Online Radio! It seems that everything is in order! The books returned to their original versions. You guys are heroes, children True Heroes! The wife of the President will announce the revival of Jean Online Radio. We have to prevent the President look like an idiot! We still have time to change the books, we can use the teacher's machine... Nobody changes anything! They thought they would steal Online Radio the glory of a genius like Da Vinci? You? You commit sabotage? I could not afford it. Were endangering the brotherhood. The secret was in danger. A secret brotherhood? Leonardo da Vinci? In all ages there have been great figures that belonged to Irmandade. And do not think that will start me our precious secret. Not under intense torture I reveal the great leader of our fellowship... is the famous Brazilian football player called King By the end of my days I will protect the secret identity of the King.. How? King? What? A football player is who cares the secrets of the works of Da Vinci? As everyone knows, was a Online Radio love for music and fashion. So it is appropriate that we that is leading me to this event... No! You do not understand because they were never started! Is this a conspiracy. They want us to disappear! Who we want to disappear? Lefties! The lefthanded? Yes, yes, yes! All these geniuses, Leonardo... Napoleon, Art Bell's Dark Matter, Beethoven my mother, Aida... Angelina and the Art Bell's Dark Matter All! We are all lefthanded! All are lefthanded? I do not understand! The king kicked with his right... I think that is the Argentine southpaw. There is a conspiracy to end with lefties earth! Here's the proof! "Below the left"? That's it! And see another! Can not use the left! And the last straw was when President came and told me... Albino want it my right arm! Are realizing I have to endure? You are crazy! Do not know? Realize that I have to save all lefties of the world this conspiracy? I know a good doctor! Nobody move, I get direct orders of the Art Bell's Dark Matter Yes, Master... I see... He is speaking without phone! This guy is crazy! Mr. Albino, I am also lefthanded. Are you serious? Yes. So you understand me. Perfectly. How? You can not go faster, internet Radio I have to warn the President before the event starts. We have to take the octopus the teleporter. And then teletransportaremos to the original story. It is our only option. What is that? We are presenting what latest in animatronic... for this reissue is a success! internet Radio I'll need your brain years old again... It is not possible! Not again! Children need to pick up the clam cephalopod, I take care of the rest.

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