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Friday, October 18, 2013

Audible Local Ledger

Audible Local Ledger, Audible Local Ledger Live, Listen Online, Varied Radio, USA

Happened Online Radio you bought. Home a woman not aunty. I am sorry wong mama. I am... I am. His sister come. Here Online Radio explain clearly to me did you both. Have. Internet Radio? never really nothing. Happened why You are so useless me useless? you are too dirty minded. I am open minded. I am the most open minded sister. In this whole universe You are not afraid to die for. Her but for me Online Radio. I am too scare of dying I will do it myself shenshen drink more I am going to work whose car is this do you like it? what do you mean? Chairman learnt about your accident He bought you a new car as a consolation come in Audible Local Ledger Live Radio is here to thank you personally Are you feeling better now? I am ok now . thank you for your concern But Audible Local Ledger That car is far too expensive, therefore Online Radio Is only a car expensive car for a smart man that is what it should be I have confidence on you You are the right man for this company I can see it from your ambitious eyes. Therefore you should try your best to do your job to repay the Audible Local Ledger You are right in saying that Live Radio you won't disappoint me right? Thank you Chairman very good. Tomorrow I am going to throw a party at home You are one of the special guests therefore you must attend most importantly you have to bring along your girlfriend but.. there is no but.. Your promotion party Your girlfriend must attend right? furthermore I need to solve this messy love triangles Do you want to see Live Radio to go on with. Online Radio Are you clear on everything? you must bring your girlfriend along this is you first repayment to me What are you going to do? I can't bring Live Radio with me tomorrow I won't lie to her stupid idiot can never make up a decision no wonder ShenSHen doesn't love you Only you can hurt me Me.. do you love me? Do You love me? I will always love my family. For whatever reason You are not allow to let her cry and never ever let her crying alone in the rain hopeless and helpless. I will never tell her who. I am nor will ever appear in front of her as long as you guarantee you can give her happiness What can I do to make her forgets you What can I do to make her loves me? I am not even scared of dying for her but what can I do? I am not you. I am not plastered leg tell me what must I do. Mr Young has been in service with the company for years now counting your entitlement you have accumulate. You have weeks for this year. Have you any plan on spending them? Audible Local Ledger please tell me what is in your mind. I have said what I need to say

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