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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Audio Journal

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Audio Journal
"The queen? What queen? What queen? As the Queen of the Night. Is this a dream? Do not get weird. Do not approach. I have my tactics. Do I have redeemed you? Is it still peIigroso? How I can make it up? It was nothing. When I see someone in trouble helped him. Nothing happens. "PeIigro? Io I do not know what it means. Online Radio! No Online Radio I did not want Online Radio Really Online Radio So learn to lie to strangers. Well, learn not to lie to strangers. Have you Audio Journal you? No. Who was it? Exact us. You have saved us, young man. And we bring you a message queen. In person. You gotta see this. Mirai well. Goodbye, Tamino. Return. This picture breaks my heart Who is this girl? Who is it? Who? Never I had thought that love could cry the wounded on the battlefield the wounded on the battlefield This feeling is as dying, I notice that my senses fly and this feeling my heart, but this feeling it elevates my heart Those eyes I tear, It tears me apart and looks at me It tears me apart heart, Audio Journal While this vision is me love I broke out inside ever never find exit never cease, But when we meet, this happy sadness encegadora this darkness, this lucid insanity become in perfect peace, become in perfect peace, become in perfect peace, a perfect peace a perfect peace Internet Radio. Internet Radio. Internet Radio. Internet Radio. Internet Radio. "The queen has heard you. "I have become your words. It was fantastic. A beautiful song. ''If this young man,''said the queen, ''Is brave and passionate, saive perhaps a poor Ia Internet Radio.'' Saving? Save. Where? Internet Radio has kidnapped. It is powerful and evil. It idler. "Get ready. "He comes the queen. Do not be afraid dear, Are pure, loyal and strong, You have to believe in your purity and tufuerza to save the pain the heart of this poor mother The Queen of Pain kneel before you without her daughter next, Free her now I begged my heart free her now I begged my heart An evil, an evil stolen from her daughter, The beast has caught infamous my innocent daughter, What tears great pain and shock, What a shame, what shouts and what tremors, Before my eyes she has been taken, Help! Help! Terrified screaming: Mother'', save me,'' cry again, Audio Journal Wanted help, but to no avail, Audio Journal help, I wanted to help, but has been in vain You, you, you, you go, this crazy Liberal, pull it out from between his claws, and if saved from their clutches see it as command him to be yours it will command, Forever be yours forever.

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