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Monday, October 21, 2013

Auralgasms Radio

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Auralgasms Radio
We must hurry, Come on, move, Come, quick, Why the rush? Why the rush? Why do not you stay a while? Bring fire knives and tools and will teach good manners You have been caught Monostatos and soportaréis a week of torture Supplicate a simple death, Is it my last breath? Auralgasms Radio Supplicate a simple death, My God, I forgot, I forgot about the bells, Spread your magic spell, Your music to sound, it may sound, it rolls jingling, tinkling, What beautiful music, so pure and so sweet I filled the senses peace magic I filled the senses peace magic If we all had These bells enemies disperse living in a time like this seems that the power is important, But there might be a better world Made of peace and harmony Made peace and harmony, Made for all boys and girls love is its base, Auralgasms Radio creates this magical world and the music starts, Our guide, Internet Radio! Internet Radio comes! God, we are lost! Internet Radio comes! My God, we are about death, Internet Radio arrives terrible, I wish it were a mouse, and run under the floor, Wish I was a turtle and I hide in the shell, Help! I see no where to hide, Tell the truth, Tell the truth, What sense does it lie?, Our guide, Internet Radio! The wise Internet Radio! The Flame of Purity and the shield of reason His wisdom and foresight save humanity, His wisdom and foresight save humanity, Stay with us and be open Stay with us and be open Be open Be open Lord I kneel in shame, I wanted to escape from your house But believe me, had an excuse, This twisted wanted to rape me Hui, sir, their abuse, The reason he has done escapes you I already know, you need not mourn, I the light inside of you Eyes you shine with love You shine with love Although you can the heart of love yet not set you free, Although you can the heart of love Moreover, yet not set you free, But no let me see my sad mother? Never in life! Not let you go with it are not safe in their claws, I miss his touch loving and tender, The need, I need Never in life! I beg you to forget your mother see your site is adjacent to this brave young man, I assure you, Proud soldier, you're dead, Internet Radio has arrived, lowers his head, It is well! It is well! Can not be true! You are here! You are here! Is that you? Come, my love, my arms, Run, my love, my arms, Now you're here I have no fear, How dare they? Do you dare to profane this place?, Auralgasms Radio Show a little respect, What a shame, what a lewd The server greets his master, I saved this girl disaster.

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