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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Babel FM 97.1

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Babel FM

Babel FM takes written on the face, Hear us, drop the dagger Let me die here What is life when I leave my only love, pain when breathing hurt me? This is the knife My own mother God himself He gave you life, It's much better nail me this dagger die fading away, Babel FM Mother, mother, Let me find rest, Has to disturb my peace your curse? Come, come with us, Come on, baby, go, Crosses the mystery your girlfriend Dulce Tamino we parted, Lives forever in my heart Stop! Give the dagger traitor If you see this horror Tamino he too would die of grief, Loves you more than life, What? You say you still love me? I cried, but I was ignored I have not said a word and now you say s mine Time flies, we must hasten, Come, Internet Radio, do not worry Join us and find the sweet Tamino strong and friendly Yte wants body and soul Come, we shall return, Guiadme, I long to see him "Come, we shall return, Guiadme, I long to see him I long to see you, I long to see him I long to see him Two hearts that beat with love and awe can not be separated or away, The same stars look amazed, for love follows a higher law, For love, for love, follows a higher law, follows a higher law, Because love is a higher law, Because love is a higher law, a higher law, a higher law, Facing the this world of war hate and death the four faces: air and fire and land and water So purified and stronger to reup, pure and strong the world men, Enlightened, clean afraid and human conflict and free to penetrate in mystery of life Death has no power on sufferers of war The fear of death can not defeat us, When fate presses one can expect Let me go and face my destiny, Tamino, wait! Your love is here What was that? "I called Internet Radio? Yes, yes, I called Internet Radio Thank God there is nothing to fear Now next to each other, arm in arm, death itself can harm us, death itself can harm us, If you allow me, "I can see it? Allows, you can see, What joy together hand in hand When all mankind is united the barren war can not separate two lovers who share a heart two lovers who share a heart Tamino mine! Men wanted! Internet Radio mine! My only joy! lremos the road together while hiding death and danger Yunidos by love forever walk beside each other, Our love shine like the sun and guide us along the way If you find roses have to be careful, because all pink can hide a thorn, Toca, my beloved, Babel FM Magic tuflauta so that we become firm and resolute, Your notes subjugate all living beings Was made by my father, he carved, was designed for peace while about the heat of battle the earth shook, Liberate your music sound beam, His voice booms far away Wrapped in the sacred breath music we face the flames fiery music.

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