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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Back When Radio Was Boss

Back When Radio Was Boss, Back When Radio Was Boss Live, Listen Online, 60s, USA

Back When Radio Was Boss

Can't the years that I've given to you compare to his one week? Web Radio Back When Radio Was Boss is right. What I should treasure is the every bit of these past years. I... Can I really be selfish and live only for my happiness? Online Radio, what is the meaning behind these words? I found her. You are talking about... The roast meat Online Radio? At that instant I knew what love was. Use the months to love. Really? Back When Radio Was Boss Can I love? Online Radio... Online Radio! Let's make a deal. months. If you be my girlfriend for months, I'll give you everything you want. I'm always walking alone In my heart, it's filled with empty holes Used too many excuses To cover up the loneliness But could not Find back the freedom Love, has brushed pass Like, stop in the memories Am used to searching for you Having you is enough All along we remained The most beautiful times Your familiar warmth Never left me In your heart, saw your desire You were waiting for me as well Even with additional languages It is hard to express my genuineness I will not let go. I understand actually I know this company is planning for another round of redundancy I understand the company's decision but before I leave I need to tell you this for this years I have been working overtime everyday and have never taken a day's leave. I have taken my job as my first priority in life therefore I hope you must take this annual leave working is definately not your first priority in life Your health,happiness and your family are your most important wealth this is the special pay allowance for your annual leave make a good plan on where to take your family for a happy weeks holiday thank you Back When Radio Was Boss You mean Ketorolac is used either on patient who has just had an operation or for patient with tumours strange Where is that car stopping here and producing air pollution Back When Radio Was Boss excuse me, we selling food here. Please don't stay here and cause air pollution Is you? you'd better return the car to them. Why? After accepting that car, you never know What price you will have to pay for? This is the chief French Chef from FarEast restaurant mr william how do you do? mr william is here for tonight's party. Chairman has specially requested him to be here for the meals tonight you can't whats the matter master madam has been busy for nights on the meals for tonight's party but suddenly, someone popped in Online Radio. A french cheff called williams since when have you started to intervene in our domestic affair Your domestic affair of course. I have no rights to intervene Unfortunately The chairman has ordered me to see to the meals aren't you going to your promotion Party tonight?

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