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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bebop Nation

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Bebop Nation

Did I ever tell you about my boy? Always such a loving thing, even when he was a little tyke. He's got kind eyes. He's been in a bit of strife, but he's got kind eyes. Can I speak to you please, in private? I know it's going to sound crazy, but the man in the photograph, in Elsie's locket, I know him. He goes by the name Matthias the Ghoul. He joined one of the sideshow attractions, the haunted palace, two weeks ago. I've seen him around a few times. The strange thing is, he's always wearing his makeup. White makeup? Bebop Nation I should have recognised the smell of the stuff. Do you mind telling me how he goes from dead and buried to running round the carnival? The lab tested this. It's animal tranquiliser. Potentially fatal for humans, but if it doesn't kill you, its main side effects are suppression of the pulse and the breathing. So they would appear dead. Matthew Tizzard paid Jones some of the proceeds of his bank robbery for the tranquilisers. It was smuggled into the jail. Tizzard takes the drug, picks a fight, and by the time they get him to the infirmary, he comes over all Romeo and Juliet. Henceforth he's dispatched to the undertaker, then to the cemetery. It's a trick box. Damned clever. See you at the circus, Bebop Nation Miss Fisher? Collins, get onto the prison. But Online Radio but, sir Online Radio Find out if there have been any other suspicious deaths. That's what I'm trying to tell you, sir. I telephoned the prison. They said the only other recent death was the prisoner who picked the fight with Tizzard. His name was Foyle. A sr22 insurance You know him, sir? Miss Fisher believes sr22 insurance murdered her sister. Matthew Tizzard. What do you want? I see the reports of your death are greatly exaggerated. It wasn't my idea. Don't be modest. He was the brains. Said he'd thought of a way to get out. I just went along with it. Who was this criminal genius? Another inmate. Name of Foyle. He worked it all out. Said he knew about the drug. Said he'd bought some from a carnival years before. Then the magician built the coffins. And Foyle? He broke out? Where is he? I don't know. We were supposed to meet here but he never showed. Where is he? Ditch the pop gun. You won't need it. That's a good girl. We have a problem. I'm just saying, take a minute to think things through. Shut up, Jones. We're only in this mess because your freak wouldn't toe the line. But you said it was just a warning. You didn't have to kill her. It was a warning to everyone else. What did Miss Christopher do? Go and dig the lady's grave over by that tree.

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