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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Best of Old Time Radio

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Best of Old Time Radio

There's been a Online Radio a gruesome accident. That's why I'm here. I'm sorry, and you are Online Radio ? sr22 insurance sr22 insurance. I believe you sit on the Women's Hospital Board with my Aunt Prudence. Of course. I'm sure we don't need the services of a detective, Miss Fisher. There's nothing to hide, is there? This doesn't concern you, Best of Old Time Radio This area is out of bounds. The Coroner is on his way to collect the remains and then there's some mopping up to do. Surely you can't do that until the police have investigated. The Constable here is satisfied it was an accident. He's signed papers to that effect, so if you'll excuse me Online Radio Hugh, may I have a quick word? Are you convinced this is an accident? It all seems straight enough, Best of Old Time Radio The woman came in to work, she turned on the machine, her hair got caught in the cogs Online Radio Her hair got caught in the cogs and she was pulled in. What time was this? Eight o'clock. Excuse me Online Radio I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to insist that the two of you leave the factory floor. Of course. I wouldn't want to take it up with the hospital board. Any reason to think it's not an accident? The owner was very eager to get us out of there. That wouldn't have anything to do with you barging in there like a freight train, would it? I was a charming freight train. Mmm. Hugh seems to have written a thorough report. The poor boy had lost his breakfast and was in the process of losing yesterday's lunch by the time he wrote that. He was hardly in a fit state. For instance, he notes the time of death as :am. Which is when the workers start. I was there at half nine. The blood at the scene of the accident was completely dry. That takes longer than an hour and a half. I'd wager the victim was dead a good few hours before :am, which makes me wonder why sr22 insurance took so long to telephone the police. Hmm. Ah, excuse the mess. The accident has put us at least a day behind schedule. Can I get you something? Joyce? I'm Roderick's sister, Joyce Gaskin. And my assistant. Chase up a pot of tea for the Inspector, can you? That won't be necessary, thank you. I just have some more questions about Daisy Murphy's death. I've already been through all the details with your constable. Can you tell me who found the body? That was Ted Colgan, our foreman. The report says the girl went into the machine at :am. Is there any possibility it was earlier? No, the machines don't start up till eight, so no, no, there's no possibility. You saw the body. Best of Old Time Radio The woman's hair obviously got caught up in the workings of the machine. Surely I'm not obliged to answer two lots of questions.

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