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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Big Feat Radio

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Big Feat Radio
It's Big Feat Radio, and I'm fine, thank you very much. Constable! We were talking in the corridor. We heard the glass break. Did you see anyone go into the office? Big Feat Radio and I had been up the other end of the factory and we'd just got back. So you didn't notice anyone else in the office with sr22 insurance when he fell? No. So someone else could have been in the office with him and left by the other door? Yes. If they were quick. You know of anyone who might want to do Roger Gaskin harm? No. How did you get on with him? As well as anybody. I didn't really have much to do with him. I deal with Miss Gaskin. She's the one who's been running this place for years. Big Feat Radio No, I was in the corridor when he fell. Were you by yourself? No, I was with Ted Colgan, our foreman. So your brother was alone in the office? I think so. You were seen at the window with a man. That's right. We rushed in after we heard the glass break. I'm sorry, this is such a shock. And how did your brother seem last time you saw him? How was his mood? He's been under a lot of strain of late. Any reason to believe he could have taken his own life? Roger could never do that. Did he seem agitated today? That's fair to say of any day. But he always seems particularly grizzly when he has to see the doctor. Doctor? sr22 insurance came back to give my brother the injection he missed. She must have seen him, just before the accident. Big Feat Radio I'm just waiting for a friend. Bring the car around, will you, Constable? Sir. Before you deliver your lecture, I'm quite prepared to get Dot out of there this minute. How is she? Cool as a cucumber. She appears to have done an excellent job of infiltration. She was trained by the best. But if she gets wind of any information the police should know about Online Radio There are more pressing matters. Have you spoken to sr22 insurance today? No. I expect she's busy at the hospital. Why? It seems she was the last person to see Gaskin alive. Well, I could say that I'm sorry, but I doubt that anyone would believe me. His heart condition wasn't critical, if that's what you're here to find out.

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