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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Big R: 101.1 The Beat

Big R: 101.1 The Beat, Big R: 101.1 The Beat Live, Listen Online, Varied, USA

Big R: 101.1 The Beat

I know you don't want to hear this, but I can't see you ever again. What happened was wrong, and I could never feel like you do. Please leave me alone. I'm very sorry that I hurt you. Your friend, Big R: 101.1 The Beat.' What are you doing? Those letters are private. I'm so Online Radio so sorry. I Online Radio You and Daisy Online Radio She was mine. Until that Doctor came along. I'm not the kind of person to judge. What sort of person are you, Online Radio Driscoll? Are you the sort of person that looks through someone else's locker? Online Radio! Online Radio, it's alright! Online Radio, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to Online Radio Online Radio. Online Radio! I'm not a killer! You have to believe me! Daisy was an accident. What about sr22 insurance? You killed him. That doctor deserved it. She stole her from me. I'm not a killer, Online Radio. Take it back. I can't. Then I'm going to have to change your mind. Dot! Dot! Why are you doing this, Hetty? I know you tampered with Gaskin's medicine, that you tried to frame the doctor. Big R: 101.1 The Beat I'm going to hang for this! Phryne, no! Big R: 101.1 The Beat? I'm alright. She did love me. I know she did. Speaking on behalf of the hospital board, and for myself personally, I should like to express my deep, deep regret for what seems to have been a somewhat overhasty decision regarding your suspension. However, in light of recent ameliorating events, I'm pleased to say that the aforesaid suspension is to be lifted. More pie, Aunt Prudence? I'm not going to ask what you plan to do, because I already know. How? I had a telephone call this afternoon from the Governor of City Jail. You are well connected. He told me you paid sr22 insurance a visit. He offered me a deal. Information about Janey's death. In exchange for Online Radio ? Securing his release. I hope you're not asking for my help. Big R: 101.1 The Beat But I am. Tell me not to place myself above the law. Not to let a killer loose because I want the truth. Tell me there's a greater good than my own need to know. You never listen to me, anyway. Humour me. You know what to do. She was wearing ribbons in her hair the day she disappeared.

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