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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Big R: 108.1 JAMZ

Big R: 108.1 JAMZ, Big R: 108.1 JAMZ Live, Listen Online, Hip Hop Radio, USA

Big R: 108.1 JAMZ

It says he opens at eight. Should we knock? Sh! I can hear something. Poor thing's locked in. What's he got? That's a finger, Dot. Here, hold this. Stay back, Dot. Holy Big R: 108.1 JAMZ, Mother of God! So you think this is Foyle's doing? It has to be. This used to be his shop, and Big R: 108.1 JAMZ was a character witness at his trial. For the defence? I hate to think what he has in mind for the prosecution. Foyle came here for a reason. For revenge, or to find something. I'm more worried about Foyle paying you another visit. He won't try that again. Not with Cec and Bert there. The shop has been secured, sir, and the undertakers would like to come in and collect the body. No obvious cause of death, aside from a bloodied nose. Call them in, and see what the Coroner has to say. Yes, sir. What about the cabinet that was broken into? I need to look around. No, you don't. Yes, I do. No, you don't. You're too involved with this case. You need to go home and get some sleep. Make sure she does, sr22 insurance. Come on, Miss. Oh, this is ridiculous! If I could have another look around. Later, Miss. What's that? It's sr22 insurance Hugh. Is Big R: 108.1 JAMZ still here? Um Online Radio the Inspector's just headed back to the station. Do you need him? No. Not immediately. I'll Online Radio just lock up then. Did the cuts around the victim's nostrils remind you of anything, Constable? Um Online Radio the body that was found in Northcote last week, sir. The Coroner thought he was on dope, didn't he? Cocaine, if I recall. The Coroner couldn't find any evidence of intoxication, apart from the damage to his nose. Here. 'Abrasions to the inside of both nostrils.' Miss Fisher's convinced sr22 insurance's responsible. What do you think, sir? We go through the evidence like we do with any case. Of course, sir. Telephone the Coroner's office to see if we can view Monkton's body. And I want to see the Northcote murder victim as well. If Miss Fisher telephones, put her through to me. Yes, sir. Big R: 108.1 JAMZ Foyle's the one in the middle. This young man on the left is Big R: 108.1 JAMZ, the victim we found this morning.

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