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Sunday, November 17, 2013

BlazeRadio Main

BlazeRadio Main, BlazeRadio Main Live, BlazeRadio Main Listen Online, Varied Radio, USA

BlazeRadio Main

And Online Radio? Did Online Radio go somewhere? Online Radio? So the thing is Online Radio She went to meet her friend. Friend? Online Radio has friends? Of course! Who doesn't have friends? Online Radio So she doesn't. Internet Radio. Is there something wrong with Online Radio lately? When I call, her phone is often turned off. Is there something wrong, you know? I don't know. Internet Radio. So the thing is Online Radio Have a nice day. Online Radio, you work better than I thought. I thought you would last about two days. I'm tougher than you think I am. Welcome! Online Radio, Bo..! Let go. Let go! If you're going to do this, then just go back home. I'll take you home right now, so go back. I don't want to. What's the matter with you? What did I do wrong? Why are you getting so mad at me? I didn't make you leave your house so I could see you like this. I didn't make you leave your house so I could see you suffer and do things that you haven't done before! Can't you understand how I feel? You still can't see why I'm mad? I know. I know that you're doing this because you're upset and worried about me. That's why I couldn't tell you that I have a parttime job. But I Online Radio I didn't want to just stay still. I wanted to do something too! I have always lived under my dad's shade. I left because my dad told me to, but this is my first experience of independence in my entire life. But now you want me to live under your shade instead of my dad's? Online Radio. I Online Radio really like working with my own hands and making money. It seems like I know how to do something too. It seems like I'm working hard at life, so I really like it. But oppa, how could you not understand how I feel and just get mad? And just because of something like this, how could you tell me to go home? How could you tell me to go home because of something like this? Online Radio. Are you going to live without seeing me just because of something like this? Am I only worth this much to you? Online Radio. Online Radio, I'm sorry. I was wrong. I'm sorry too. I was wrong too. Just don't tell me to go back. Just don't tell me to go home. I came because you might be curious as to how Online Radio is doing.

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