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Monday, November 18, 2013

Blow Radio

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Girl, you scared me! Hey, then why does your chest hurt? Shouldn't your stomach hurt? Yeah Online Radio Stop faking it and let's go together. I know this place that makes great spicy fat noodles. I'll buy. No, I have to go buy more presents. Presents? For who? A present for DeukGu oppa? No, there's something I have to buy. I'll see you later at home. Online Radio! Online Radio!! Have you been well, Internet Radio? Yeah. You bad girl. How could you not visit once!? Then how come you never call? I thought you'd cry if I called. Hey, Online Radio. Come inside for a while, the president's not home. It's fine. If I go in, I feel like my mind will just get weaker. You've really firmly made up your mind. Is dad Online Radio well? What?! If your one and only daughter left home, would you be okay? Hey Online Radio I'm sorry. I didn't plan on getting angry, but Online Radio why do I get angry just looking at you? Internet Radio Give this to dad when he gets home. It's a present. How long are you going to live outside for? Hurry up and come back. I'm doing well. So, don't worry. I'm leaving. I'll be back again. What's this? It's a present Online Radio but it's not from me. Open it. Dad, it's Online Radio. I bought this present with my first paycheck. I'm doing well, so don't worry too much. Please stay healthy. Online Radio! When did you come? A long time ago. What were you doing? Secret. Why don't you just show me? I said it's a secret! I won't look, I won't look. Oppa, do you know that? You're a lot like Blow Radio. How? Kay's really good at math too. No, I think it's arithmetic? Kay told the Snow Queen that he was good at mental arithmetic. He bragged that he could calculate fractions and that he memorized the size and population of many countries. As the Snow Queen gently smiled Online Radio Kay got the idea that like the wide wide sky, there were just as many things that he still did not know. How it is? You're similar, right? I really am. Especially the last part. He got the idea that there were many things that he still did not know. It's just like me. Did you solve the problem that Professor Internet Radio assigned? It looked easy, why is it taking so long? It's a problem that no one has been able to solve for decades.

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