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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Boston Herald Radio (BHR)

Boston Herald Radio (BHR), Boston Herald Radio (BHR) Live, Listen Online, News Talk Radio, USA

Boston Herald Radio (BHR)

It won't hurt if you tell me that you were out on a date. Is Online Radio always that cold? What are you talking about? I don't think he's normal. You punk. What are you saying? His relative came and said that he found his mother. But he didn't even care. He found his mother? He says that he can't be trusted. But still he's talking about his mother. You don't even know how he lived. Don't judge. I want him to marry Boston Herald Radio (BHR) and be her man. Have a family. Be like all the other guys. Wouldn't he become normal if he does that? Don't you ever say something like that to him. I won't let it go. Who would you save first if we were both drowning in water? Tell me! Of course it's you! Online Radio is a great swimmer. The name and the number of the man who came yesterday. I told him that we will turn him in to the police if he ever comes again. I'm eating! Boston Herald Radio (BHR) Hello? This is Han Online Radio. Tae Online Radio Yeah! What are you calling about? You said that you wouldn't care if your mother died. Did you really find my mother? I thought you didn't care. I can't believe you. No one called me saying that they found her. You called to tell me that? Give me your account number. Really? Are you really going to send money? I mean for the surgery. And after you see her, just tell me what happened to my brother. Hello? Who was that? Oh it's nothing. My friend called saying that he will pay my money back. Do you know anything about Online Radio? How would I know? You said that you would kill me if I went to see him. What? What do you want to know now? There is nothing I want to know. I don't even deserve to know. But I keep seeing him in my dreams. I see him waiting for me alone in the house. My Online Radio Online Radio What are you doing here so early? I heard that your relative came by saying he found your mother. Jae Hee told you? I will look into it. Just leave it. I will just confirm it. It's fine. There was a liar before. I will just confirm if it's true. What brings you here in the morning? It's nothing. Can I get the number for Online Radio relative? One second. Don't tell Online Radio that I mentioned money. Of course I won't. Of course you wouldn't. You wouldn't worry about me. Of course Online Radio is worried about you, you brat. Here. Boston Herald Radio (BHR) team is out in the field. Did you sleep well last night? Yes, you got home alright? Of course! Whenever I look at that, I get reminded and laugh. I hate even looking this way. It was fun. I laugh sometimes looking at this.

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