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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Brando Classics OTR

Brando Classics OTR, Brando Classics OTR Live, Listen Online, Oldies. Talk Radio, USA

Brando Classics OTR

Internet Radio, let's go. Oh... go ahead. I'll be there after helping her for a bit. Brando Classics OTR At this rate, you won't get to eat breakfast. Don't you know she doesn't give up once she sets her mind to it? Isn't this the smell of shiragook? (soup made with dried radish leaves and soybean paste) I guess Mother made the shiragook. If you can't see Magic Eye once, you can never see it. So, you should give up and go eat. You said your team moves on to the semifinals. Don't waste your energy on useless things. Let's go! Our Sung Gyun must really like the shiraegi soup. Give me your bowl. I'll give you some more soup. There's nothing to see but the baby, the baby! Just eat, you punk. But, where are all the kids? Isn't it time for Trash to slowly come out? I didn't wake him up on purpose. His lights were on until dawn while studying. At least he is good at studying (academically good). What about Binggrae? He received a call early this morning and he left in a hurry. He left a little while ago. Oh my, oh my, oh my. Hey, Yoon Jin! It says, Brando Classics OTR is... the Satan. The Satan! Oh my goodness. Really? Oh my, oh my. It's here... here. Do you see it? Thank you. Huh? Why aren't you eating more? Here... In the chorus that was sung by Ahn Heung Chan from the heavymetal group, "Crash", the line "instead of changing yourself, why do you wait for others to change?" If you play that line in reverse, it sounds like "there isn't enough blood." Or, it sounds like "you can see the devil, you can see the devil." What is heck is this? Is he really Satan? If you hear it backward... Hey! Hey! Hey! How in the world... "There isn't enough blood." "You can see the devil." Online Radio, he looks like a normal person... Why does he sing stuff like that? Here. Make a focal point in the center here. And with your two eyes, stare at the point like crazy. And slowly cross your eyes. Then, unfocus your eyes. Think as if you're looking at the dot with the back of your eyeballs, instead of the front. Brando Classics OTR Until the picture become blurry, until the end don't lose your focus and continue to stare. Then, all of sudden, something will pop out! Don't try to see it ahead of time.

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