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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Capital Jazz Radio

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Capital Jazz Radio

She's not even home. They took Internet Radio to Florida. Why don't you sit down eat your dinner. You killed it, you eat it. Can you see me? Yeah, I can see you. Can you see me? Yes, I can. That's your room? It's the room I sleep in. I wouldn't exactly call it my room. What is that? This is Milton, my lizard. Oh my god! Like the poet. What? Like the poet Online Radio Milton. Oh. This is Snuggles. Milton Online Radio meet Snuggles. Hello. He comes with the room by the way. Well I just want to come over there with a spray can and tag your walls. I can see that. So were you born a goth? You think I'm a goth? Aren't you? Were you born a princess? Yes, I was. No, this is just who I am. If people don't like that's too bad. You learn pretty quick who your friends are. Capital Jazz Radio And your enemies. I just find it interesting because I'm like totally the opposite. I want everyone to like me. Everyone does like you. They like the idea of me. They don't actually know me. Sounds lonely. I guess we're not so different. Sorry, I gotta turn this down. You didn't have to do that. It's not muzak. I don't know what that is. A girl gave it to me. What was her name, Elvira? No, Deanna. Not Deanna Roy? Yeah, why? Brian Roy's daughter? The Puck Bunny? I don't think they use that term anymore. She never misses a hockey game is all I'm saying. Well, sometimes girls like guys they can talk to. Yeah, they call them friends. Hey, I was wondering what you were doing at lunch? I have a chemistry test I have to study for. I could help. Did all that last year in the city. I study better by myself. Take a hint. Radios, you don't have to be rude. God, Deanna, when did you become such a freak magnet? I should go. Then go. Wow, nice place. Appearance is everything. I'm afraid to touch anything. Oh my god, don't look at that. Hard not to. Shut up! It's better than having guns on your wall. The thing that bugs me about it is the fakeness of it, like we're a happy family or something. So that's Capital Jazz Radio, huh? See that hand on my shoulder? Feels like it's always there. Tell him how you feel. Get your Online Radio hand off me, you radio.

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