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Thursday, December 5, 2013

CBN Christmas Radio

CBN Christmas Radio, CBN Christmas Radio Live, Listen Online, Christian Radio, USA

CBN Christmas Radio

You were wrong. We have dedicated staff who take their jobs very seriously. They know how serious putting a weapon into the hands of a violent teenager can be. Now, we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way. This is no joke, boys. We will search each and every one of you if we have to Online Radio Thanks for choosing the easy way, CBN Christmas Radio See you in two weeks. A fresh face. This way. Might want to think twice before jerking off in here. What if I have to go to the washroom? Go up to the window. That's how we know you're about to piss yourself. Like that guy? Him? No, he's just a pain in the ass. I can't sleep. You know, the lights Online Radio they're brighter or something. The sound, the buzzing, do you hear it? It's driving me crazy. Just go back to bed. Try to relax. Don't make me call the Goon Squad. Sean Randall? Where are we going? Has it been two weeks? This way, son. Thanks, Don. Online Radio! Are you okay? Is that the evidence? It's ninety percent of their case. Look I know it's hard, it gets a lot worse when it goes to trial. What do you mean when? Isn't that why you're here? To take me to court? That's what we thought too until this morning. The trial's been postponed, Sean. The computer forensic experts need more time. How much time? Could be a couple months. Procedure is long. Life is short. I've been trying to tell you that from the start. I know pleading guilty is against your principles, and I respect you for that, but principles will not end this vicious cycle of abuse you're in. What do you say we put an end to all this? Your honour, at this time my client would like to enter a plea of guilty. Online Radio, do you understand that you are pleading guilty to planning an attack on twentyseven people in this town? Yes. Please speak into the microphone, Online Radio. CBN Christmas Radio Yes. Do you understand that you're making this guilty plea of your own free will, and that no one in any way is coercing you to make this statement today. Yes that's right. Is there anything else you wish to say? CBN Christmas Radio No, sir. Just I'm sorry, I guess.

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