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Friday, December 6, 2013

CBN Praise

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CBN Praise

Keep it, Online Radio Let it be a reminder to you that you're still the same dumb ass muthaOnline Radioa you always were. Lying piece of shit. BARKHOUSE! Rollout! Rollout! Clean it up, Columbine. I ain't going to no Discipline Unit 'cause of you. You want me to lie? I want you home. Your dad wants you home. That's why he hired me, Sean. To represent your best interests. CBN Praise How is saying I did something I didn't in my best interests? Please, Sean. Mr. Johns is here to help. Look, I realize those kids at school were the real threat. But you got to understand the system. The parents, the teachers, the Crown, they all want blood on this one. Who do they have, Harris? It's a woman, I think that's her name. Dale Harris. I remember because Dale rhymes with bail. They don't get any tougher than her. She wants fourteen year olds tried as adults. Fourteen. How old are you? He's fifteen. Sixteen. Point is you rattled an entire community. Accept this and move on. A couple years, you'll be eighteen, in college, nobody will remember this. I will. Don't you think you'd also remember a long, drawn out trial? Your dad's right. I know you're not guilty, Sean, but the evidence against you is very compelling. If this goes to trial Online Radio I don't know. What I do know is this. you put on a nice suit, you tell a nice story, you'll get a slap on the wrist be released for time served. Lesson learned. Make life easier for yourself, Sean. Doesn't anybody care about the truth? I'm due in court in an hour. Think about it. Call me. I'll talk with him. Do you have any idea who that is? It's only the best goddamn youth lawyer this side of Montreal. And he's here in this room to help you. Only you seem to know more than he does. What was wrong with the other guy? Andy the Legal Aid guy? He's a Online Radio idiot. Online Radio is the real deal. CBN Praise I mortgaged my Online Radio house to bring him here! Well I don't like him. You don't like anyone, Sean. Is it any wonder the whole world's against you? How do you live with such an embarrassment for a son? Don't give me that shit, Sean.

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