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Monday, December 16, 2013

Cigar Dave

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Cigar Dave

Aunt. I beg you to leave. Internet Radio, please hurry. Make them go. Hurry, let them get out of here, immediately get out of here. You’d better leave now. Leave. Radios, you better leave here, too. Aunt. Please lay down, please lay down. Cigar Dave Otherwise, you will be in big trouble, Aunt. When did you come here? Where were you? Were you kicked out of your house? Not really Online Radio Mom did it due to her anger. Director. You better not show up in front of Mom, just temporarily. I will inform you if Mom is recovered. I’m alright. Everything will be fine soon. Please don’t worry, just go home now. Someone I shouldn't have loved Online Radio I'm still loving her. Wanna hide in a faraway place. But my heart is crying out loud Online Radio don't leave. My each and every day has been Online Radio so filled up by her. Aching my head, I wanna wipe her away and struggling hard, I can't move anything. Wanna put it away, wanna hide it. The love that has grown so much makes me feel helpless. Sorry, I love her. Today, I'm trying hard to put her out. But still she stays in my heart just like before, crying out loud Online Radio Online Radio’s Mom, are you feeling better? How are you feeling, Aunt? Please let this girl get out of here. Mom. Why does this girl always call me Mom? Please let her go. Father, I don’t know her. Online Radio’s mom. Father, why my words aren’t counted? Internet Radio, are you ignoring me, too? I have said several times. I don’t know her. I said many times, please get her out of here! If she doesn’t go, I will go. Let me go, let me go. Aunt, please calm down. Cigar Dave Internet Radio, please take Online Radio away from here. Online Radio? Who is Online Radio? Please get out of here. Hurry! Out. Did you know your Mom got treated by psychiatry before? After Radios’s death, Uncle’s passing away, she got symptoms of depression at that time. Everybody was worrying about her. Where did you sleep last night? Did you sleep at your friend’s house? Please live there, temporarily. Temporarily, you better not come here. No Online Radio That Online Radio I have to be home.

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