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Monday, December 23, 2013

Club 80s with DJ Lex

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Club 80s with DJ Lex

But that guy said Online Radio Now that you already bought it, come in. Your home is really good. Web Radio Online Radio Eh? Something happened with your family, right? No. There's nothing. Ahh Online Radio Your home is so good. I was talking to you just now. Were you? To me? Last time when I came here, I kinda lost my mind. Didn't look at it carefully. Now that I do, whoa, so roomy here and there! Those audio equipments are just great! And the sofa, so Online Radio soft, soft! And that TV Online Radio is so big that if you watch a DVD on it, it's like watching a widescreen movie! Cool! Shall we watch a movie? A movie? Why? You hate it? No!! I'd love to watch a movie! What shall we watch? Okay. Done! What is it? Is is an interesting movie? Yeah. It's a very very interesting movie. My favorite movie. Cool!! It seems not interesting at all? Nope, it is interesting! Let's not watch this. I said no Online Radio Just watch, it is really interesting. Whatever, I don't watch it. Huh? You Online Radio what the Online Radio What about me? Nothing. No, I am what, tell me! Did you watch my movie? Of course. I watched it. Then how was it? Umm Online Radio that Online Radio Ridiculous? No Online Radio It is just Online Radio a litle Online Radio umm Online Radio kinda interesting, I guess? No, Director, you are always so into yourself. Club 80s with DJ Lex What if only you like it? You have to inspire all the audience's feelings and make them laugh together. Isn't that right? Web Radio. What's the matter? Then, what do you like about me? Then what about you? I asked first! No Online Radio I, I told you before. I love all about you. Then why don't you like the movie? Ahh, then this movie is Director? It is me. What does it has to do with you?? I said it is me! You Online Radio Fighting Online Radio why are you fighting with me? Then how about this? Alright, let's watch that. You are still at work? Uh, hi, Club 80s with DJ Lex. Internet Radio's not at his room. Maybe he's already left? Uh, maybe. Oppa, is something wrong? Nope. This is the first time I've seen you so upset? No Online Radio What did you do? You can't even get a little bit of her heart? You already know why she's not going to America, right? What are you going to do? You mean what? Just say something! Internet Radio must feel very awkward now. She's too aggressive.

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