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Monday, December 23, 2013

Club7 Radio

Club7 Radio, Club7 Radio Live, Club7 Radio Listen Online, Dance Radio, USA

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Club7 Radio

Club7 Radio

Ah right! Last time in front of the theater, right? Yes. Then Online Radio Enjoy your time, please. Huh? Ah son, I'm leaving. See you next time. Take care. See you next time. For sure. Alright. That Online Radio Wanna watch one more movie? There're many interesting ones. I have to go, maybe. Oh, you do? Yes, my family must be worried. Alright. I have to go. Are you mad? Why am I mad? Eat dinner before you go. I don't feel hungry. Still, eat before you go. I don't like the idea. I'll buy you yummy things. I say I'm not hungry?! Club7 Radio Go then! Go! As you like! Yah! What?! I said "Yah!" What's wrong with your temper? (Note: Web Radio starts to talk in the lowest form of speech) What is wrong about me? I said I was not hungry. But did I say "don't walk me home"?! I dare you to utter one more sentence like this?! Where did you learn to talk like this? Do you know compared to you how many years older I am! What if you are older? You have to act like a human first. Isn't it right?! You retarded Online Radio Walk me home, now! No. Walk home with your own feet. Don't you have feet? I'm telling you to walk me home? I said no! You never treated my sister like this, right? You walked her home every time, right? Walk me home, please. No. I said no. You jerk. I'm sick of the word "jerk", for real! Ok, I was wrong. I made a mistake. But then, you left like that?! That's why you heard the word "jerk", right? Alright. I'm going. Huh? I'm going now. I'll disappear from now on, forever! Happy?! Enjoy your meal and enjoy your life! You jerk! You jerk, like a wild boar Online Radio jerk! Jerk Online Radio You Online Radio What Online Radio You haven't left? What are you doing here? Then what about you? (NOTE: She switches back to the formal form of speech here.) I Online Radio came to get cigarettes. Club7 Radio Online Radio You don't feel hungry? I feel hungry. See? A human should be honest. I'll buy you dinner. Eat slowly. You'll choke yourself. Oh, it's really delicious! This is the first time I've eaten such a delicious steak! Here. Eat this too. I'm telling you to eat slowly. Director, you don't eat? I've had enough.

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