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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Constant Country KRS

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Teacher Jo, and I want to go to see her, but Online Radio Can we come? Yes, of course you have to come. Then Online Radio can you come right now, quickly? I have something urgent to tell you. It's herb tea. Because there is ginseng, you'll feel calmer. Constant Country KRS After you drink it, let's think about it slowly. What? From now on, what we are to do. Then, why are you turning on the computer? I have to search for books. Looking for the best solution to this situation. Right now Online Radio The solution to not going to America. Director Online Radio What? Since we're having a difficult relationship right now, you typing on the computer right now is weird. What is weird? In these situations, you need to be calm. I have my peace, you have to do well. You can't act like you used to, mumbling and anxious. But, right now.. Right now what? I just told you that I ran away! In the movies, the hero always says “COME OVER HERE!” and hugs, isn't it like that? Ah, I don't mean hold me right now, but I'm just saying Online Radio Not talking about us Online Radio so Online Radio so Online Radio Why are you looking at me? Constant Country KRS Making me feel embarrassed. Come over here, I'll hold you. Ah Online Radio I don't want to. Is this okay? Why are you so skinny? You only have bones. It's because lately I've been thinking alot. Don't think, I'll solve everything. Let's go out together. Where? To your house. I'm going to try and clash with your family. No, you can't. Ah Online Radio really. I'm really going to stay here today. Tomorrow I'm really going to America. You really don't understand. If I go now, I'm going to be dragged to the airport. When the airplane takes off, it's goodbye forever. Ah Online Radio and Director Online Radio don't ask so seriously. Aren't you scared? You don't know what's going to happen! I'm not scared. I'm okay. I'm not okay. I'm scared. Until tomorrow morning comes, I'm not moving one step. Welcome. It's an honour to meet the mother. Where's Bok Online Radio Web Radio? If I knew this was going to happen, it would've been better to not find Internet Radio. Lady, I don't have anything to lose anymore.

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