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Saturday, December 28, 2013

CRN 1 Digital Talk

CRN 1 Digital Talk, CRN 1 Digital Talk Radio Live, CRN 1 Digital Talk News Talk Radio, USA

Of course, Grandfather and your mom are to be reckoned with. I heard that last time, you put up a fight. From now on, you don't know what ordeals may be coming up. So, please give up here. This is for him. Go to America with your mother, ok? The owner cannot answer the phone right now, please leave a message after the tone. You're hurting Internet Radio's life. From now on, the problems may get bigger. Mom. Come in. What? Sorry. I don't need those words. They won't solve anything. Sorry. I'll tell you truthfully. I Online Radio Don't know your pain well, mother. Although I know you may be hurting a lot, I don't quite understand. CRN 1 Digital Talk Maybe it's because I haven't seen it, and even for my sister, father, and you long time ago. I just Online Radio my love is very important to me. So, you were annoying to me. Even though I was annoyed, if I still lived in the country, I would have still met Director, I would think like that a lot. Just, not a rich daughter or Cinderella, I think I was at peace when I was in the countryside digging up roots.. Maybe I was more comfortable with Web Radio. Because, I wouldn't have such devastating ordeals. Bad girl. Yes. I think I'm bad and selfish. So, I think I'm going to hate myself. So So, what to do? You want to me to understand again? No. I'll go to America. So, please support Director's movie. Grandfather and mother please help him. If you promise that, I'll go quietly to America. I'll study hard. I don't understand your pain, but if Director is hurt, I think my heart is going to rip. Please promise. Please do that. I promise. I said I would promise. You thought well. I'll keep my promise, Internet Radio. Go study a lot, and experience a lot. I hope that you come back as a fine lady. Yes. I'll try to come see you too. Yes? Oh, it's Internet Radio. I was saying farewell to Internet Radio. Yes. I'll meet you at the airport later. Your memories with Online Radio, erase them. As time passes, they will dull. It'll feel like you had just slept. You'll feel thankful to your mother and me. You're here? Yeah. Did you stay up all night? Why? Your skin looks dry.

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