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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dance Hits- AddictedToRadio

Dance Hits- AddictedToRadio,  Dance Hits- AddictedToRadio Live,  Dance, Electronica, Top 40, Pop Radio, USA

And I know exactly what I'm gonna do with you. Oh, I think I do, too. Mmhmm. Baseball game. Internet Radioathon Online Radio Baseball game. My Diamondbacks versus your Giants Online Radio Just you, me, and the greatest team in the National League. Plus the Diamondbacks will be there. Oh, ho! Ha ha ha ha! Your team is so getting spanked. Oh, sorry. Crap. That's Mansfield. Dance Hits- AddictedToRadio Something's going on with the deal. What's going on with the deal? What's the deal? Oh, my God! I love my job so much! All right, team. Bring it in. Let's take a knee. Oh, sir, this is a new Prada suit, so Online Radio Now I just got off the phone with Singapore, and it looks like this deal is going to close. This is a place of business. I'll tell you when you can cheer. And you cheer! Now we have a lot of hard work in front of us, but when we do close, you will be rewarded. Won't somebody cheer? Because Remington Trust is the best damn team in this business. Give me a cheer. Because I'm gonna take you to see the best damn baseball team in the business Online Radio The San Francisco Giants Online Radio From the best damn luxury suite money can buy, and this is all gonna happen Monday. Monday! Or Tuesday works better for some people. Monday it is! Okay, everybody has off Monday for the holiday, but I do need two volunteers to help keep the building open. Oh, yeah, that's a "Hell, no" from me, okay? I've watched too many horror movies, and the lone black guy in the empty office building Online Radio He's gonna die. Hey, Tori, can you work Monday? Yeah. What the hell. I'll do it, too. Hey, you. Oh, hey, babe. Dance Hits- AddictedToRadio So bad news. The Giants game's sold out on Monday. Oh, no! But I went online and got us tickets! Oh, awesome. I'm so psyched. Now are they the best seats? No. But are they the worst seats? Yes. Oh. Wow. You wanna hear something funny? Yeah. You're gonna laugh. I love to laugh, so Online Radio So to reward us for our hard work Online Radio Mmhmm? Mansfield bought the luxury suite for Monday's game. It's the same game we're supposed to go to. So are you telling me that you're gonna bail on me on your one day off of work to spend more time with your boss? Not now, I'm not.

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