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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Devil's Night Radio

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Devil's Night Radio Okay? Can we talk for a second? Did you ask everything you wanted to? Hey, are you listening? Did you get to ask every question you wanted to? No, because her lawyer came in all of a sudden. Since it has come to this, I'm going to have to take her to my office. I'll give you time to ask her questions. She asked you about the smuggling that happened a long time ago? That won't be a problem. You don't have to answer the questions. Even if you did, you won't be in a trouble. The important thing is the charges that the prosecutor talked about. She said she lost Internet Radio. What? Because of me, she lost Internet Radio. I think Online Radio became a policewoman because of me. She must've been bearing a grudge against me. Mom, wake up. You don't have time to think about her. You think she won't hate you if you feel bad for her? Don't get weak. What you have to think about is proving your innocence. I'll take care of your charges at the prosecutor's office. So, don't say anything. Okay? Hi, sir. We don't need any drinks. We're just going to talk privately, so don't bother us. Yes, sir. I'm going home right after this so tell them to prepare the fish. Yes, sir. Do you run this? You look cool, Online Radio Let's just get to the point. What's the business you talked about? Devil's Night Radio You're still cranky. You know Jo Kwang Do, right? The one you had a fight with. I'm about to join his hand in business, but I can't trust him so I need your help. I think I can trust you. What business are you about to do with him? I'm going to import some fish from Japan. Is that possible now? It's prohibited to import anything from Japan because of radioactivity. So, I'm going to import it secretly. Smuggling, you mean? Yeah. My company is having a hard time. If you protect me, I'll compensate you for that. Are you out of your mind? You need to focus on Online Radio but you were fighting with a gang? How long are you going to act like a hoodlum? I'm sorry. Get your head on straight. I told you if you do well on this, you won't have to worry about money while you're alive. You think Online Radio would fall for it if you act like this? But he said he would do it.

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