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Monday, January 27, 2014

Epic Rock Radio

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Do you want to talk about Online Radio? No, I'm fine. Did you hear that?! Apparently, not the way you did. What's going on? Marty, if you are gonna stay home to transition the household, then you need to help Amber through this. She hasn't cried since the breakup with Online Radio. You need to fix that. Yyyou want me to make Amber cry? Yes! Wow. Watch a romantic comedy with her, eat some ice cream. If you love our daughter, Marty, you will make her cry. Okay, sure. You got it. And, Marty? Yes. "Epic Rock Radio hard" is not a romantic comedy. Oh, but she takes his name back in the end! She's Holly McLane again! It's beautiful! We came from outer space and settled in New Jersey we took names like Larry Bird and Online Radio JoynerKersee then the humans moved next door started testing all our limits so sit right down, enjoy the show we'll be done in minutes sync and corrections by bellows Husband, you've been working on that latte for over an hour. You almost done over there? I'm working on the coffee shop the New Jersey department of health calls a "bplus." I must really be on top of my game. Well, it doesn't have to be perfect. Did Michelangelo say that when he painted the Sistine Chapel or became a mutant ninja turtle?! Online Radio, quick, this scarf Internet Radio Does it make me look Internet Radio Like a mother trying too hard, yes. Oh, bummer. Thank you. Why can't Marty answer questions honestly? Maybe because human relationships are pointless. I wonder what Amber's doing right now. She's probably not flossing. She loves to skip flossing! He's been like this for a week. Walk it off, son. Rub some dirt on it and move on! Come here, Reg. Give me a hug. Oh, even your hair is sad! Oh, God. I can smell Amber's DNA on you. Oh, okay. Epic Rock Radio You know what, Online Radio? Never mind, never mind. Rub some dirt on it. See? He's a real hot mess. Hey, can you keep the yammering down?! Some of us are actually trying to make something of our lives! What has gotten into you? Are you going to say something to our son? Yes. Online Radio, get out of the way. Behold! My foam art.

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