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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ESL Radio

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Online Radio's fine. Bite me! See? Classic Online Radio. I'm going to take my darling older son to the coffee shop. He's going through a real crisis. No, Online Radio Jackson has school today, husband. Oh, so you're saying I'm a bad parent?! You always do this, Online Radio! Husband, do you think maybe you're overreacting a little bit because you're having your Internet Radio ESL Radio Say it! Say it and see what happens! I j Internet Radio I just Internet Radio I'm allowed to have feelings, too. Don't just try and blame it on my gentleman time. God! Hey. Hey. So, you, uh Internet Radio You need to talk about anything? No, I'm fine. Wait, wait, wait. Uh Internet Radio I have to watch Internet Radio "Love actually" Internet Radio for work. Do you want to, uh, maybe watch it with me, maybe? You have to watch "Love actually" Internet Radio For work? ESL Radio Sensitivity training. I'm gonna pass. You have any interest in "Die hard"? We Internet Radio we could Internet Radio we could take a bite of ice cream for every dead terrorist! It's gonna get pretty tasty minutes in! I hate my hair today. Your hair looks amazing. No, it doesn't. Yours does. No, it doesn't! It used to. It broke when my heart did. Oh. My little ticklemeemo. You must get over this breakup. I can't bear you feeling like this. Uh, hey, Lar, we really need you back behind the counter. Really, Carl? Are we really going to make this about what the coffee shop needs right now? Carl?! Carl! Go. Go. Online Radio Jackson, I am going to fix your heartache if it's the last thing I do, but ohh. Ooh. In a few minutes. I'm cramping something fierce. Hey. Hey, can I borrow your notes? Can I borrow your notes? Excuse me. Chatty Cathy. How can I help you? I was wondering, what is a widget? Oh, well, why don't you come by during my office hours later? I promise, by the end of tonight, you'll know not only what a widget is Internet Radio But how to use it. That would be great. Mmhmm. Thank you, Professor Vance. It's a date. Great. Oh, I should have kept you two under the scarf. There's my schoolgirl. You're home early. Listen, I tried to talk to Amber, and, uh, she just Internet Radio Wait, why Internet Radio why are you wearing your depression outfit? Oh, I got it all wrong, Marty.

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