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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Evil Robot Radio

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What did he say? He told me to give him some time to think about it. You can't go if your boyfriend doesn't let you? Evil Robot Radio You have to get his permission? It's not that simple. It will be long distance. You will be more likely to break up. That doesn't mean that you will break up. Anyway, thank you for today. I hope it works out. Good night. Web Radio Internet Radio You called me all the way out here in the morning? Work out with me every morning. That sounds luxurious. You think I have the luxury to do that? If you work for me, you can work out every day. I'm leaving now. One sec. Use it. What is it? You're getting ready for an insider's trade right? Evil Robot Radio Who told you that? The Hwang you're working with? I know him. I already heard that Yoon from Golden Tree is bugging him about it. Don't do it! You're like food to them. You lost a lot because you fell for it. I thought that you must have gone through some hard time. I don't need this money. My family is doing well. I heard that your brother is getting married next month. You said that you needed money for that. Be the big brother. I won't tell anyone that I gave you money. Han Online Radio will be busy taking care of his right hand. I have a plan. I've got to go. I'm sorry about the call yesterday. Nice to meet you. I'm Internet Radio. Why isn't Online Radio sending money? Which hospital is she in? Over there! Guide me to her. No, how can you be so heartless? Maybe she doesn't want to see you. You think she would have called me then? I'm not going to see her. I need to know her condition and how much money will be needed. Let me call her. I will go with you. Dr. Han. It's me. Evil Robot Radio Can I come see you right now? Hello? Your son Online Radio Hello? Ddol! You think Mi Joon will become a star? How would I know? Only he knows. Even if everyone says no, he just needs to believe in himself. You're such a good boy. You're so mature. He's so good at drawing. If I had a younger daughter, I would want her to marry you. I like Internet Radio I like older girls. She already has someone. He's a good man. You said that you will bring him with you.

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