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Monday, February 3, 2014

Family Life Radio

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Come here. Coat check, alco Online Radio Alcohol, coat check. Shall we? Thank you. Can I have another one? Thanks. Aah! Bollocks! You okay, down there? Yeah. I'm just a clumsy oaf. Here. Come over here. Thank you. I do this every time. I have a wine in one hand Online Radio just messy Online Radio Hello. Hi. I like your hair. It looks really good. You look good in red. I like it. Thank you. You having a good time? I'm having a great time. Good. You have an accent. You have an accent. I don't have an accent. Family Life Radio Yes, you do. I do. I'm from England. I'm from Spain. We have to go. You okay? Nope. Clams and champagne. Come on. Um Online Radio okay, well, we have to go. It was nice to meet you. Don't forget your wine. Um Online Radio I got to go. I gotcha. I gotcha. Thank you. For what? I can trust you. You're always there for me. Well, I held your hair back, didn't I? Good night. Night. Oh, my God. I feel like I drank a bottle of paint stripper. Who was that guy you were talking to last night? Which guy? The tall, handsome one you were drooling over. Oh, that guy. Oh, that guy. He was cute. Mnh. Sorry. It's all I've got. I'll stick to my coffee. You should have asked him out. We should get going. Online Radio, it's jammed again. I'll grab the spare. Uh Online Radio how are we lighting this? I don't know! You're the lighting expert. Michael, the client needs to see you A.S.A.P. Do the setup you did for the Clarent job. I loved that. Okay. Go. Go, go. I'm sorry, Online Radio. But you said it was just a question of me renewing my visa and then I could apply for my green card. After /, all the rules have changed. What exactly does that mean? Family Life Radio You'd have to go back to England and start the whole process again. No! That's impossible. I did everything you told me to do. Well, how long would I have to go back? I mean, how long would I have to be in England? Some of my clients' cases have been pending for years. Years? With a denial on your record, it'll be almost impossible for you to get another visa. You could come here as a tourist. A tourist? I am so sorry.

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