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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Flaming Oldies

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I would marry you for your green card. Donate sperm? If we time it right, I could be pregnant for the I.N.S. meeting. and then no one could question why you're getting married. It's perfect. Plus, you'd both have a vested interest, so no one could back out. Well, I certainly couldn't back out. I'd be pregnant. It'd be very obvious. I guess. I Online Radio I don't know what to say. Um Online Radio can you excuse me for just one second? Online Radio? It's my father. He had a stroke. There's been extensive brain damage. Flaming Oldies They said it's gonna be a very long rehabilitation. Jesus, Mano. I have to go back. Of course. You must. I was hoping you would come with me. You know I can't do that. I wouldn't get back in the country. I wasn't thinking we would be coming back. I already turned in my resignation. You're moving back? My mother can't do this by herself. Isn't there another family member that can help? This is my father, Online Radio. The man almost beat you half to death when you told him you were Internet Radio. He's my flesh and blood. He needs me. You think this is what I want to do? You think this is Online Radio Easy? This is Online Radio I don't know what to do, Online Radio. Well, you have to go back. Then come with me. Maybe we can do a longdistance thing. I could throw rope across the ocean and pull Europe closer. You could come here every couple of months. I guess I misunderstood what was going on here. We can have a marriage in Spain Online Radio a real marriage. I can't leave, Mano. Whose life are you living, anyway? I fell in love with you. Yeah. And I fell in love with you. You got me a ticket? In case you change your mind. I should go. You babysit her, huh? Hey, nice to meet you. Kathy. Hi. I'm sorry. I Online Radio I called. I just Online Radio Flaming Oldies Where's Mano? He moved back to Spain. Thank you. I should Online Radio okay. Good luck, Online Radio. Hey. Yeah. Um, do you want to meet for a drink? Hey. Hey, handsome. I didn't think you were gonna show. Yeah. Sorry I'm late. No worries. You're here now. Two shots.

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