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Friday, February 28, 2014

GCN Magic Garden (Mort White)

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If you ask me whom I love the most, it's no doubt myself. Can one really love another person? That's nothing more than satisfying oneself. I don't know what's wrong with me. It's becoming more and more confusing and I really don't know. What? Isn't it fine if I'm just nice to her? What are you talking about? Nothing. Yah, Internet Radio. Talking about the scene, compared to the beach, isn't a desert better? It's not expensive to move during shooting anyways, just go there and then decide. Okay. So this one, pass. Here's the material you asked for. Yah, you did a lot of work! That's Australia? Yeah. You haven't been there, right? Right. Whoa, that's really cool Online Radio Please take me to somewhere like that too, Director. Why should I take you with me, kid?! I have to cut back the fees. Internet Radio! What? Her family business pays all this. You didn't know that? Let's go have dinner, GCN Magic Garden (Mort White) I'm hungry. Aigoo, what should I do? I have a date. You kid, why do you always have a date? Director! I don't have a date, and I'm hungry too. So what do you want to eat? Anything. I'll buy you anything to eat! Running around all over the place is really tiring, right? Then Radios (chicken soup with ginseng) is best for your body. Let's eat. Why do you look at me like this? Just eat. Nothing. Just that I'm so happy, Director. You're not mad at me and still so nice to me just like before. Kid, when was I mad at you? Just eat. Yes. Give it to me. You don't know how to eat Radios, huh? See? You should eat it like that? Right. Pick the bones out first, then the chicken's cool enough, a method developed by me. But Director Online Radio Long time ago, when a guest stayed at our house for home stay, our mom made Radios for him. Then? Then that man thought it was so delicious that he gave us a , won check ($ check). He was quite a weird man, right? What a crazy guy! Yeah. GCN Magic Garden (Mort White) Every time I see Radios, that person just pops in my head. He's an absurd guy. Yah, eat this. Then I'll start eating now. Ok. Online Radio. Director. Can I call that name (Director) times? Continuously? There's no one calling that name these days.

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